Friday, March 10, 2017

Noah 9 Month update

Noah is getting to be a lot of fun at the age he is at now. He is so interactive and is developing his little personality, and it is so fun to witness as his mom. I can't believe we will be approaching his 1 year birthday in just a couple of months -- it seems like yesterday that he was born. I think one of the biggest reasons time has flown by for me is the fact that i'm still working full-time and it makes my weeks feel like a few hours have passed by. It goes by too quickly and i'm trying to soak in as much quality time as I can with him now. When I find myself getting annoyed, overwhelmed, or stressed at the day-to-day duties of parenthood, and just praying for an hour more of sleep, I remind myself that I know I will wish I had these years back and that I could kiss those chubby cheeks over and over and over. I'm really just soaking up the time he isn't able to talk back to me :). We had his 9 month visit on Monday, and it was our first visit with 100% healthy baby. It was such a load off of mine and Travis' shoulders that we didn't have anything going on with him that required us to have another hospital visit, medication ordered, etc.. it was so nice to finally be able to have the doctor just say, "you have a healthy, beautiful baby! go enjoy him!" okay doc.. I will.

-Noah now has 4 teeth: two on top, two on bottom. He is really good at not biting me while nursing, but if I feed him early in the morning and he snoozes off, his jaw will naturally clamp down. Sometimes i'm able to prevent it, but there have been times i've fallen back asleep too and we both wake up screaming -- he is mostly scared from me screaming in paid. Seriously, those flipping teeth are like machetes chopping off my nips. 
-he has been eating solids since he was 6 months, but we just barely introduced more solid adult food. Travis is extremely picky on the things he will let Noah eat; any kind of sugar is out of the question. The doctor recommended mac n cheese, so when I was buying some at the store, Travis wanted him to have the Auntie Annies organic pasta - "it's better for him." I mean, i'm all for eating healthy, but if you guys knew my husband well, you would know he is the most unhealthy human being. I mean, he probably consumes 2+ cans of soda a day. It just makes me laugh that he is so concerned about the type of noodles he is consuming. Oh well. He loves grapes, pancakes, pb&j.. i'm just getting his palate use to a whole variety of things. I don't want him having any random weird allergies from me not introducing certain foods to him. Last thing, I buy him spinach and kale baby food packets. I tried them and they are horribly disgusting, but I somehow feel like a good mom because he is getting his veggies in. He is so obsessed. he starts screaming at me if I take too long to put more in his mouth -- i'm not sure how I feel about it.
-he has started to clap when he gets excited about things.
-he has started to wave. When he sees himself in the mirror, he will start waving. I learned that babies don't recognize their own reflection until they are 18 months old, so its important to put them in front of a mirror as often as possible for them to start understanding facial recognition, facial expression, etc.. so i'll let him study his face in the mirror, and he will lean in and smack his face on the mirror trying to touch the "other" baby. haha its so sad, but so funny. He loves the mirror though and will now wave when he seems himself. 
-he laughs and smiles all day long. He has a huge gap in between his front two teeth and he will smile so big so you can see the two teeth with his gap and it kills me.
-he is trying to hard to crawl, but not there yet.
-Travis plays the "your welcome" song from Moana on repeat. He has the whole song memorized and sings it for Noah. When we play it on youtube, he starts clapping and dancing - so cute!
-He also is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I hate to admit that I put him in front of the TV to play sometimes, but work has been incredibly busy lately and sometimes i'm just desperate. Anytime he sees Mickey, he smiles so big his cheeks might explode.
-he is still obsessed with bath time and becomes the most obedient child when he hears water running. Jokes on us when we are washing our hands and he FREAKS thinking he was getting bath time.
-still nursing, but I'm slowly running out of milk. He will probably only be able to nurse for another month or so. :( sad day for mom.
-loves going outside.
-LOVES watching the family dog. The dog doesn't like him at all, but Noah will just stare and occasionally reach out and pull her hair -- that does NOT go over well with the dog. I'm surprised Noah's hand is still connected to his body.
-hates when I brush his 4 small teeth.
-does so well with naps and sleeping. FERBER METHOD people - it works like a charm! he goes to bed at 6:30-7:00pm each night, wakes up at 5:00am to nurse, then sleeps again until 7:00am. 
-still naps 2-3 times a day for 1-1.5 hours each time.
-so good in his car seat. Cries when being put in, but the second he is in the car, he puts himself to sleep until the second the car engine turns off. such a silly lad.
-he loves to be held and will sometimes sit and whine until someone picks him up. He is so spoiled with his gma, gpa, and auntie who live with us. They pick him up the second his smile is turning into a frown. 

We love this little boy so much. Besides the fact that he will get into anything he can get in contact with (ate pieces of a foam ball the other day - mom fail!!), we are enjoying every second of being his parents. 

9 month visit: Weight 18.56 (20%), Height 27.25 (19%), Head 17.6 (33%)

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