Thursday, March 22, 2018

21 Month Update

Oh boy, this is going to be a long post. I can't believe I haven't done an update on our little Noah since he was 12-15 months old. I am having an even harder time believing that he is almost 22 months! time sure does fly by. I remember at one of my baby showers when I was pregnant with Noah, someone said that the years go by fast but the days go by slow - ain't that the truth! I'm currently in my last trimester (30 weeks!) and feeling uneasy about welcoming another little into the world. I sometimes want to face palm for an hour straight while repeating, "what were we thinking, what were we thinking??" I grew up with siblings so close in age and while it was hard when we were young (fought all day every day - bless my parents souls), we have grown to be best friends now that we are adults. I seriously can't imagine my life without my siblings and I loved how close in age we were. I knew I wanted that for my own kids, well, at least the two I'll have because I'm convinced i'm done at two if this one is a girl (oh yeah, we aren't finding out the gender - surprise!). With all of that being said, as hard has Noah was for the first year, he has blossomed into the most wonderful almost two year old. He brings more joy and happiness into our lives that we never knew was possible. Kids are truly another source of happy that you didn't know existed. I know I'll feel this way with two, I'm just currently feeling all of the pregnancy hormones and trying my hardest not to get overwhelmed with anxiety!

But let's really move on to why I'm writing this post -- our Noah! now that he is 21 months, he just keeps surprising us everyday with his vast grown and learning. Here are my favorite things Noah is currently doing:

-talking up a storm. I was worried about him for a while because he wasn't even interested in talking, while some other kids his age were already chatting up a storm (this is a good example of not comparing yourself or your kids with others). He has taken such an interest and can say so many words! Travis and I will be talking and he will just randomly repeat words that we are saying (shoot, I think this means my cussing vocabulary needs to cease ;) ). My favorite is when we say our prayers together at night and we will say things like, "we are thankful for Dada" and he says "Dada", "we are thankful for baby" and he says "baby", "we are thankful for our health and bodies" and we hear something like "thhhh and odi" hahaha, but he just does this for everything and tries so hard. The best is when we say "Amen" and he says it in the most precious way, "memen."
-he LOVES to play with anything that relatively looks like a ball. He points to anything that is a circle and says "BALL!" he has a basket of probably 100 balls that we play with everyday and then clean up before bed time. He always walks to his closet where we put them away and points to them and just says "pease, pease, pease" with the sadest face. Gosh dang it, I am such a pushover when it comes to the cute please saying.
-he loves apples, broccoli (has to have lime juice on it or he won't eat it), sausages/chicken apple sausages, mandarin oranges, grapes, any form of berry, smoothies (mom makes a green smoothie for him often and he DOWNS them), pirates booty, fruit leathers, chicken nuggets, and yogurt. Those are his staples and he loves them.
-he loves saying "mama, dada" "mama, dada" "mama, dada" he will repeat those two words over and over. Even in his crib when we are out of his room. so cute.
-he loves to watch TV. I really have to try hard with this one because I don't want to give him a ton of screen time, but he LOVES Daniel Tiger, BB bus learning songs, and CoCo.
-he LOVES to pick up rocks when he is outside. We currently live with a lot of construction and dirt around us, so when we go on walks he always wants to get out and will fill any crevasse on his clothes with rocks. 
-he loves to climb on our barstools and basically anything that can get him up high. He has taken some pretty bad falls, but he still doesn't care and will still climb, climb, climb.
-he loves animals. My in-laws and sister-in-law both have dogs and he loves going to their houses and playing with them. My sister-in-law just got a yellow lab puppy and that dog loves to follow Noah around and lick his face. It is so cute.
-he loves to hide behind curtains, or the clothes in our closet and wait there until we find him. He has given me a couple of scares where I could not find him in the house and finally saw his little feet sticking out of Travis' shirts in the closet. Quiet as a mouse. just waiting for me to find him.
-he loves to be held and constantly wants Travis or I to hold him.
-got his first haircut and did such a good job!
-loves loves loves balloons. We usually always have one at a families house and he is always pulling it around the house with him.
-he loves to laugh and is truly the happiest little boy. He rarely just cries for no reason.
-he loves hiding in his closet and while shutting his door he will look at Travis and I and just say "BBBBYYYYYEEEEE"
-my mom got him a slide for Christmas and he is obsessed with that thing. He goes down it probably 100 times a day. Best thing you can get a boy at his age is a slide, I swear to you. It keeps him distracted for hours.
-he loves to go into his bedroom and shut the door and play by himself. Besides the aforementioned holding, he loves to play alone. He has a huge imagination and I will often see him talking to his stuffed animals and giving them hugs and kisses.
-he loves to love. Ha! he is the sweetest and cuddles with me often. Not sure how long I'll get that out of my baby boy, but I'll take it as long as I can!
-he loves to take baths and looks forward to them every night.
-loves night lights. We just recently upgraded him to one that projects the stars and moon all over his room. He just lays on his back staring at them and repeats "stars, moon, stars, moon" and he usually falls asleep staring at them.
-we got him a stuffed Japanese Porro animal from costco that is microfiber inside and is the softest little pillow/animal. He throws all of his stuffed animals out before he falls asleep every night, but always keeps that one in and will cuddle the crap out of it each night. Cutest thing. Best $10 purchase.
- LOVES nursery. We take him on sunday and when we put him down and doesn't look back.

he is our world. We love that little cub so much and I just can't wait to see if he will have a little brother or sister. We have had a few play dates with friends and he LOVES to be around other little kids/babies and always wants to love on them. I hope that is still the case when it is mom and dad's new baby and he isn't getting as much attention - fingers crossed! we will see. I'm proud of the little boy he is (I'm biased of course! i'm a mom :)) and can't wait to continue to see him growing. He goes into an art academy school this summer and i'm so excited for him to get to be around other little kids and grow!

18 month visit: Weight 25.12 (48%), Height 32.25 (48%), Head 18.8 (48%)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

12-15 Month Update

our Noah is 15 months old! time has been flying by, but it has been the best months of my life. Noah is as happy as can be, sleeps 11-12 hours at night, and gives cuddles all day long. What more could I ask for? here is a bit about our Noah bean:

-he loves to put everything in his mouth
-says mama, dada, and a bunch of other gibberish I cannot understand
-he loves to growl
-he loves to laugh
-he loves bath time and always squeals when he hears the water turning on
-he hates getting his diaper changed and usually fights me
-he loves his morning green smoothies
-he loves raspberries and peaches. If he sees them in the fridge, at the store, if someone is eating them, etc.. he will just stop, point, and stare until someone acknowledges that there is a raspberry or peach in the same vicinity as him.
-he eats veggie packets of pure spinach and kale, however, he has a hard time eating veggies not blended up - weird kid!
-he loves homemade sweet potato fries
-he loves LOVE Moana
-he loves to wave hi, bye, and blow kisses
-he is still drinking out of a bottle and i'm really struggling taking it away from him because it is such a comfort
-has been off of a binky for months. Decided one day he was over it
-handles long car rides in his car seat like a champ
-loves to climb and get into everything
-if he had it his way, he would open and close cabinet doors all day long. He isn't too interested about what is inside, he just loves opening and closing things
-he loves to climb the stairs
-he loves his aunt Abbie and anytime she gets home from work he starts squealing and runs straight for the stairs - thanks a lot, buddy!
-along with the bath, he loves water. We took him swimming at a friends house and he could have just laid like a dead fish and floated all of his problems away
-he loves when Travis or I read him books. His favorite is "ten tiny toes."
-he loves to put his hands above his head and wait until people yell, "touchdown!"
-he loves mac and cheese
-he loves to hide mom and dads shoes random places all over the apartment
-he loves to hide his little plastic balls in any crevasse he can find. I found one lodged in my shoe, between water bottles in the fridge, one in my underwear drawer, and plenty other places
-he loves to walk around with his hands behind his back like an 80year old man. First time he did it, Travis and I laughed until we had no more tears. It is the funniest thing
-he loves going running with mom
-had his first play date with new friends; Mccall and Addilyn

he is developing such a fun personality and we are just loving being parents! We also said goodbye to my Grandma Ivy this month. Ivy married my grandpa when I was 12 (but was dating him since I was 8), and has been in my life as long as I can remember. Now that my grandpa is going a bit more senile and is in a nursing home, she is going back to Atlanta, Georgia, to join her kids. I don't blame her, but she is the sweetest person I know and I'm so sad to see her go. I'm glad she got to see and spend time with Noah before she left.

15 month visit: Weight 23.5 (32%), Height 31.1 (48%), Head 18.6 (51%)

Family Pictures

We got family pictures taken in June. The last time we had family pictures taken was when Travis and I were engaged, so let me tell you, those were outdated! We had an amazing photographer and i'm so happy with them. Love this little team of mine!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

12 months old!

Noah Wolfgang Siebenhaar
Turns 1 years old!

Our sweet Noah turned 1 years old on June 5th. It is a bittersweet year because I will miss him being small, but I am also anxious on moving past an exhausting year that was spent mostly in a doctor's office and 5 hospital visits. Since he was born, he has had 2 surgeries under anesthesia, 36 hospital/doctor's visits, 4 medications, 4 countries visited, 8 airplane rides, and 8 teeth teeth! depending on how you look at it, it seems like we've had 1 accomplished year, eh? he has transformed into such a happy baby who always smiles and laughs. He is such a joy to be around. I often find myself emotional; not emotional because he is getting bigger, but because I truly have experienced a different kind of love and joy i've never had in my life (different than love from your partner). Despite the hard year, we had many up's and happy moments and to me, that trumps all. So thankfully for this little boy. A little about our Noah at 12 months old:

-he has found his tongue and crawls around with it out all day every day
-he loves being praised. We have a little toy where you put the square into a square hole and when he successfully takes it out and puts it in, he crawls as fast as he can to us to give hugs. He knows when he's accomplished something and wants a hug for it
-he can point and will point at things he wants -- milk, crackers, etc.
-he can sign "more," and when i'm feeding him it really helps me understand if he is done or not
-he is obsessed with baby signing time. Its a movie (you can get off of amazon) and it teaches infants to sign. I love it because it's not over stimulating and he loves starting at all the babies that can sign. I highly recommend, although all of the songs will be stuck in your head daily.
-he can stand on his own and walks along the couches extremely fast. He will be walking in no time.
-he loves to make noises with his mouth. I can't describe it, but a new noise is coming out of his mouth all of the time.
-he loves to be held and it can be quite exhausting.
-he loves to eat, but particularly doesn't like eggs.
-he loves his bath time
-he loves to be tackled by dad
-he LOVES reading and will stop doing anything if i'm holding a book. He mostly loves to flip the pages.
-he loves opening and closing things. I'm frantically running around the basement after him trying to baby proof things I never knew he would be able to get into.
-He loves to give kisses and will kiss his little nieces on the forehead.
-he hates shoes and anything to do with them.
-he hates being dressed and will throw a fit when i'm trying to put his clothes on.
-he loves when I brush his teeth. He mostly likes to chew on the rubber toothbrush.
-he is starting to not be a fan of his carseat.
-he loves to dance and bump his bum in the air.
-he loves his toys and will play independently for an hour without needing me - really helps when i'm working from home.
-loves going running with mom and will gasp constantly when he sees cars passing by.

12 month visit: Weight 22.3 (41%), Height 29.75 (50%), Head 18.25 (50%)