Sunday, June 11, 2017

12 months old!

Noah Wolfgang Siebenhaar
Turns 1 years old!

Our sweet Noah turned 1 years old on June 5th. It is a bittersweet year because I will miss him being small, but I am also anxious on moving past an exhausting year that was spent mostly in a doctor's office and 5 hospital visits. Since he was born, he has had 2 surgeries under anesthesia, 36 hospital/doctor's visits, 4 medications, 4 countries visited, 8 airplane rides, and 8 teeth teeth! depending on how you look at it, it seems like we've had 1 accomplished year, eh? he has transformed into such a happy baby who always smiles and laughs. He is such a joy to be around. I often find myself emotional; not emotional because he is getting bigger, but because I truly have experienced a different kind of love and joy i've never had in my life (different than love from your partner). Despite the hard year, we had many up's and happy moments and to me, that trumps all. So thankfully for this little boy. A little about our Noah at 12 months old:

-he has found his tongue and crawls around with it out all day every day
-he loves being praised. We have a little toy where you put the square into a square hole and when he successfully takes it out and puts it in, he crawls as fast as he can to us to give hugs. He knows when he's accomplished something and wants a hug for it
-he can point and will point at things he wants -- milk, crackers, etc.
-he can sign "more," and when i'm feeding him it really helps me understand if he is done or not
-he is obsessed with baby signing time. Its a movie (you can get off of amazon) and it teaches infants to sign. I love it because it's not over stimulating and he loves starting at all the babies that can sign. I highly recommend, although all of the songs will be stuck in your head daily.
-he can stand on his own and walks along the couches extremely fast. He will be walking in no time.
-he loves to make noises with his mouth. I can't describe it, but a new noise is coming out of his mouth all of the time.
-he loves to be held and it can be quite exhausting.
-he loves to eat, but particularly doesn't like eggs.
-he loves his bath time
-he loves to be tackled by dad
-he LOVES reading and will stop doing anything if i'm holding a book. He mostly loves to flip the pages.
-he loves opening and closing things. I'm frantically running around the basement after him trying to baby proof things I never knew he would be able to get into.
-He loves to give kisses and will kiss his little nieces on the forehead.
-he hates shoes and anything to do with them.
-he hates being dressed and will throw a fit when i'm trying to put his clothes on.
-he loves when I brush his teeth. He mostly likes to chew on the rubber toothbrush.
-he is starting to not be a fan of his carseat.
-he loves to dance and bump his bum in the air.
-he loves his toys and will play independently for an hour without needing me - really helps when i'm working from home.
-loves going running with mom and will gasp constantly when he sees cars passing by.

12 month visit: Weight 22.3 (41%), Height 29.75 (50%), Head 18.25 (50%)

Europe 2017





We had such a blast going to Europe for just shy of a month. We traveled and ate our hearts out. We went with Travis' family, so with 7 of us, it sometimes was hard catering to everyone, but we saw some incredible things. Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part was and I honestly have tried to pin point the most enjoyable part of the trip for me and I can't. I loved it all. I think because I have traveled so much already in my life and have lived in foreign countries, I was used to the face pace day-to-day of traveling, where I do think it exhausted most of the others in our family. I just love culture so much and soaked in every second we were there. Traveling with an infant was less than perfect, but it was so worth it. I always heard to travel as much as you can before you have kids, but I strongly disagree with that statement. All of the countries we went to were so catering to us and the people just went nuts over Noah since he was blonde and blue eyed. It was such a fun experience to see things you've learned about your whole life (or seen in movies -- hello Sound of Music!). I can't say enough about Austria's gardens/landscaping, Germany's architecture, Switzerland's beyond gorgeous scenery/waterfalls/alps, and Italy's history and food! I am putting together a movie from our trip and am excited to post it here once i'm finished, it'll give a cooler perspective of everything we saw. I wish I could sit and write every ounce of information I retrieved from this trip, but I would be writing for ages. I fear that if I don't write it down somewhere, i'll forget and i'm sure that's what will happen. I think that's why I love video and pictures so much because it really helps me relive the moments after time has passed. I have friends that went to Europe before us and left a little treasure hunt to find euro's at a castle that they hid -- it was so fun! just for the sake of my memory, i'm going to list where we went. If you ever go to any of these places, I will die of envy. I can't recommend enough to just go and do it if you can. Don't let kids hold you back. I mean, maybe your job will, but that can always be arranged too :) I saved vacation for 2 years and I was DYING when we went because I needed a break so badly:

Salzburg, Austria
Munich, Germany
Rhotenberg, Germany
Bavaria, Germany
Lucerne, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
Lavertezzo, Switzerland (a MUST go)
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

I have so many fond memories of everything we did and I already miss it so much. I also miss eating gelato every single day 3x a day, but my body doesn't miss it :). We stayed in airbnb's the whole time and it was nothing short of a great experience (except for one in Italy, but i'm trying to forget it). I hope that when I have more time, i'll come back and edit more about what we did, but again, probably not. I've already spent like 2+ hours going through pics and doing this post, so i'm going to go snuggle my baby now. Hope you enjoy!

San Fransisco with my Mom

My work sent me to San Fransisco in April for a conference. Travis couldn't come with me, so I figured i'll invite my mom since it is probably her favorite city of all time (definitely not mine, but hey! to each their own :)). During the two days I was attending my conference, my mom went out and explored the city on her own. That is something i've always admired about my mom; she is always willing to just go and do her own thing independently and never relies on anyone. We stayed a couple of days past my conference and hung out in the city together. I unfortunately had been dealing with Noah in the hospital a few days prior and somehow came down with this AWFUL cold. I mean, my head was pounding constantly, I couldn't breath, coughing constantly. By far one of the worst colds i've ever gotten. I laid in bed one full day and my mom explored on her own again. On Saturday, my mom really wanted to bike from Fisherman's Wharf, across the Golden Gate Bridge, over to Saulsilito, and then take a ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf. If you have been to San Fransisco, you know that this is one daunting task -- like 8 miles. Normally, I would be so game, but I again was feeling so terrible. I didn't want to ruin her trip, so I just did it. It ended up being the day from hell (HA!). I was probably a mile behind her the whole time, which was fine, but when we crossed the golden gate bridge, we decided to hike up (probably 1 mile hike), up to this lookout spot (pictured above), and by the time we hiked back down, my mom realized she had lost her phone. So we are frantic because we leave that evening and it had her ID and everything in it. I hiked back up the hill (mind you, we've already biked probably 6 miles, and now i've hiked 2 and about to do another 2 round trip. I was dying. Her phone was no where to be found. We biked to Sausilito and went to the police station to file a report to see if anyone had turned it in. They hadn't. We spend an hour calling the airlines and asking how we can get my mom home without an ID. To make a long story short, we spent the afternoon frantic and not able to enjoy the bike ride or anything. The worst part was that is really was breathtaking and I wish I could have enjoyed it more, but it was a bit tainted by the whole phone thing. I felt so bad for my mom, she was so stressed. We got her to the airport and she was basically interrogated with questions by airport security and they let her board without an ID. THANK GOODNESS. While we were sitting in the airport, she used her Ipad (which we didn't have at the time and my phone didn't have the ability to look up her phone location because she doesn't have an iphone), but she saw that her phone was sitting on a dirt trail not far from where we were. So someone took her phone, probably took the money inside, and then ditched it somewhere. Well once we got home, my mom looked again and it had been picked up by someone and the phone was in Sacramento. My mom called the police, the police show up and the persons home and get my moms phone. Apparently hikers found the phone on the trail and were "planning" on returning it. Ha! anyway, my mom got her phone back, but our day was less than enjoyable. I still had a great time with my mom and we have a funny story to tell now. My work is sending me to another conference in October to D.C. and my best friend is coming with me. I told her that we may end up not doing anything, or she may lose a phone. People have bad luck when they travel with me! haha

Noah 10-11 Month Update

We've had a lot going on the past few months, so i'm going to try and catch up on all of the pictures and updates that i'm long overdue on. I'm making sure I print out my blog pages this year, and I want to make sure I documented everything -- especially Noah's first year. Here is his 10-11 month update. A big reason to why I make sure to blog each month for him is because it's still fresh what he is learning and doing thats now; because i've waited for so long, I'm forgetting what he was doing that was new just a couple of months ago. I'll try..

Noah gave us quite the scare in April. For a while, we had thought that he had swallowed something because he just wasn't breathing right. I had  taken him to the doctor a couple of times because I had felt so uneasy about how he sounded and I was made to feel like I overreacted a few times when Noah got sick a month or so earlier and was told he was just fine, so I went home thinking I was crazy and nothing was wrong with him despite his wheezing. I couldn't stand it anymore a few days later when he was getting worse, so I prayed like mad that I would no what to do and finally felt the urge to take him in again. We went to the pediatrician at 3:15pm and was there until 5:30pm. Dr. Peterson (our Dr. was not in, so we saw another) thought he initially had a mild form of croup and was going to give him a steroid to help relive the swelling in his throat (sort of a relief, because our Doc didn't even investigate after saying "he maybe has a cold"). After a few minutes, he came back in and said he felt uneasy about his cough because usually croup is an issue when they inhale, not exhale. He observed him breathing for a while and then sent us down to get X-rays. After getting a couple of chest X-rays (you can see in bottom pics above), it showed that the left lung was darker (receiving more air flow) and his diaphragm was lower than usual resembling some swelling. Because of Noah's history having swallowed a foam ball on March 7th and the abnormal chest X-rays, Dr. Peterson wanted me to go up to Primary Children's. Arrived at Primary Childrens around 6:15pm and was admitted into triage room #9. Noah hadn't eaten since 3:30pm, so I was worried how hungry he would be. He did so well. They wanted more X-rays at the hospital, and they came back abnormal as well. After waiting for a few hours, trauma nurses came to let us know they wanted to perform a Rigid Bronchoscopy. This consists of putting him under anesthesia and putting a metal scope down his throat to view his airways to see if there is anything they need to retrieve. After signing consents and meeting the anesthesiologist and general surgeon (Dr. Rollins, same surgeon that performed his hernia surgery when Noah was 2 months old), he was handed off to the OR. We waited for what felt like only 20 minutes and Dr. Rollins came to tell us that they couldn't see anything and that he would need to be in recovery for a while before we could go see him. When we were finally able to go back he was SCREAMING because he was hungry and with strangers. They wanted to keep him overnight to monitor breathing. It's a good thing he stayed because he was on oxygen through the night and needed monitoring most of the next day. After being in the hospital for HOURS, the Doctors came into to tell us that after testing his blood, he has the human metapneumovirus. This is a newer virus that has been discovered within the last 10 years, it can take two forms in the human body -- pneumonia or bronchitis. He had bronchitis, which unfortunately, is viral. Since it isn't viral, he wouldn't be able to take antibiotics and we would just have to weather the storm until he got better. We had a team of 4 doctors working on Noah. They kept telling us how scared he made them because he wasn't breathing well and kept needing to be on oxygen. It was a scary couple of days for us and even scarier coming home. I probably didn't sleep for 3 days. I was getting up every hour or so and going to his crib and putting my hand on his little body to make sure he was still breathing. His terrible sounding coughs, and breathing lasted for a couple of weeks, but he got over it and is back to being a healthy, happy little boy. 

Quick side note though, I HAVE to share the funniest story that happened to us in the hospital (happy to have had a smile and laugh -- really needed it!):

When the 4 doctors came in and were telling us the diagnosis, etc.. I had asked if going to Europe was going to be and issue with his illness and if we need to stay domestic for a while, idk.. just wanted to make sure. I was willing to lose all of the money we invested in the trip, because I was so worried if he needed to be home and close to a hospital?? I didn't know, anyway! They didn't see that it would be an issue at all. One of the doctors said he would be in Germany same time as us and asked where Travis' grandpa grew up and we all look at travis and he goes, "ummmm... Auschwitz" and I wanted to DIE. I was like, "no babe, that was a concentration camp and it was in Poland, not Germany." And he laughed and said, "IDK..I haven't gotten much sleep" seriously, insert biggest face palm emoji you can imagine. The doctors didn't know if he was joking, but we all kind of chuckled. I couldn't stop laughing for DAYS about it. If you need me, I'll just be dying laughing for the rest of my life.