Sunday, February 5, 2017

Noah 7-8 Month update

Our sweet little Noah is 8 months today. Can you believe it!?! time has flown by and I can't believe in 4 months he will be a year old. Getting ahead of myself? meh. it's all I think about!! He is so interactive and smiles all day long. A few of his favorites since the last update:

-he has two bottom teeth (!!!!!!!!). 
-he loves Sophie the Giraffe. We often find him gagging himself with the legs, but he gets so mad if we take it away.
-he LOVES when I sing him the ABC song. He can be crying or upset, and if I start singing that song, he gives me the biggest smile.
-he loves books. Travis has been reading to him in the morning and he just sits so silently until the book is finished.
-he is eating solids so well. We have introduced infant wafers and he has been loving those. We will see how well he does with those before we introduce other foods. 
-he rolls back and forth all over the place. I have to keep my eye on him, or he will be all the way across the room getting into trouble.
-sitting up on his own and staying there for quite some time before he nose dives and then gets mad at us for allowing him to fall.
-still sleeping well, but does wake up at least 1 time during the night. I blame that mostly on teething and being sick with a cold.
-growing out of his car seat. We ordered a big boy car seat and will transition him soon.
-he is so interested in all food that everyone eats and will open his mouth like a little bird expecting us to feed him.
-babbles, yells, laughs all day! he is such a happy baby.
-took his first airplane ride and did so well.
-hair is growing in slowly but surely.
-slobbering all over the place and his clothes are always soaking wet.
-he kicks his left leg non-stop. Seriously, I sometimes wonder if there is a bigger issue.. haha!
-he loves blowing raspberries. He often wakes up in the middle of the night and will make those noises for over 20 minutes before he drifts back off to sleep. Its those nights I wish his crib wasn't in our room. 

I will have growth statistics at his 9 month appointment next month. I'll update then.   

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