Sunday, February 5, 2017


My dad and I have been training for a half-marathon for a few months that was supposed to take place in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Travis, Noah, and I flew out and had a great 4 days spending quality time with my dad. Due to severe weather warnings, the half-marathon was cancelled. My dad and I decided the weather wasn't bad at all, so we ran our own route in his area. It was so fun to be with my dad and I loved getting away to warmer weather.

^^Pistachio ice cream (my favorite) with coconut almond fudge. Still dreaming about it! 

^^three of the above pictures were on the plane. We were so worried about taking Noah on a plane ride, but knew we wanted to take him on this trip for practice for our 24 hours plane ride to Europe. He did SO well! he didn't sleep for us at all, but he was all smiles as long as we entertained him the whole time. Sweet baby boy. 

However, we had the most horrific thing happen to us. We had a down syndrome girl sitting in front of us with her father. The whole flight it smelled so awful. When we landed, the girl got so excited and started bouncing up and down in her seat. It started to smell so bad and when I looked down, there was diarrhea flowing down between the seats all over my carry on bag that was below her seat.  nothing positive came out of this experience. If you would like, you can watch my saved snapchat video's of the experience:

We had such a good time visiting old St. Petersburg, going to Clearwater Beach, running with my dad, eating some delicious food (especially the ice cream and key lime pie!!), and being in such a beautiful place with the people I love. The time was too short, but so glad we were able to make it out and make a vacation out of it.

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