Saturday, December 24, 2016


I've never been one that has been too fond of Halloween. The thought of spending a lot of money to wear an uncomfortable outfit for one night, just to collect candy? nah. I'm not sure why I haven't ever really cared for it, but it all changed when I married into the Siebenhaar family. Travis' sister goes all out for Halloween each year and always has the most elaborate costumes. Since we've all been living together, we've had themed family parties and we tend to go all out for our costumes. If you missed my post last year, Travis was Edward Scissorhands, and it was pretty epic. He told me he would never wear full face makeup again, but alas, here we are.. full face makeup again! ha. He is always such a good sport and I appreciate it so much. We were all the Wizard of Oz this year and it was so fun decided who would dress as who. Everyone had a great Halloween except for Noah. He was our little Cowardly Lion and HATED his face makeup -- he rubbed off his entire black nose by the time we had pictures. 

Until next year.. 

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