Saturday, December 24, 2016

Noah 5-6 Month update

^ Noah has had milk allergies since he was born. Every time he fed, he would break out in hives in a random part of his body. I was so happy when I noticed that he didn't have any after feeding him a while ago, then saw the bottom of his foot. They popped up in the most random places -- poor baby.

^ Cousin picture right before a big Thanksgiving meal.

^ I tried to take my own pictures of Noah, so my MIL didn't go and spend a bunch of money. I think a couple of them turned out okay! my sweet little candy cane baby boy.

5-6 Month update:

After a few terrible exhausted months, I took it to social media to ask for other moms advice on what to do with an inconsolable baby who never slept. I received so many awesome suggestions. We decided to try the Ferber method for sleep training. It was an exhausting week, but after a few days he was sleeping through the night and taking amazing naps during the day. I'm not even kidding, our lives changes over night. It's been over a month since we sleep trained him and he is still sleeping so well. We will put him down wide awake for naps and he will self soothe himself to sleep. It has been amazing, he will put himself to sleep anywhere now. I'm not sure if it was the sleep training, or the fact that he is slowly maturing out of all of his issues, but he has turned into such a wonderful baby. I am so happy and look forward to spending time with him every day. I just love him so.

-loves to happy scream. Sometimes it is impossible to sit him through any classes at church, because he will just look at the wall and scream in excitement. So distracting, but how can you even be mad at that??
-loves to talk to himself. When we put him down for naps, he will talk to himself for a good 10-15 minutes and then we will hear silence. Out cold.
-he loves to roll over on his tummy, but doesn't understand how to roll back onto his back yet. So, he will roll over and then just sit and cry because he hates tummy time and cannot roll himself back. *biggest eye roll ever* (first roll over, December 5th, 2016)
-when i'm feeding him, he loves to reach up to my face and just stroke it really gently. It is so cute, because when he isn't feeding, he will grab/scratch my face so hard. Not when he is eating though, he is so gentle and loving. So weird, but it makes me so happy.
-he loves solids. Specifically, sweet potatoes. He hated peas/brown rice at first too, but eats it like a champ now. He has this weird tick where he will sit a kick his right leg until he gets another mouth full. So funny!
-loves to fill his diaper every 30 minutes. We go through diapers like no one's business.
-laughs at his dad all the time. Not his mom, just stares at her.
-loves when mom or dad tosses him up in the air -- biggest smile ever.
-loves to have water poured on his head in the bath. When it happens, every single part of his body goes into straight rave mode, like he just got injected with a large amount of drugs. He goes caraaazzaayy.
-when he is crying for food, the only thing that'll calm him down is the sound of running water. He will just stare at the faucet. It'll distract him for eons.
-we bought him a Jolly Jumper (off Amazon, best purchase!), and he LOVES it. He will set and jump as high as the sky and just laugh at himself. 
-refuses to let anyone hold his bottle while eating. He will push our hands away and cry unless he holds it himself. It is really cute. Also, nice that i'll get 10-20 minutes of cleaning or working when he eats.

We had a little scare last week with his baby heart. The pediatrician noticed an abnormal heart murmur. He sent us up to a pediatric cardiologist at primary children's. After a few hours of testing, our baby, the murmur came back normal and he doesn't have an holes in his heart. Oddly enough, Noah's heart is more centered in his body than it is on the left side. This isn't a problem, but the doc probably saw it as a concern and wanted it checked out.

6 month visit: Weight 14.5 (4%), Height 25.75 (10%), Head 16.75 (16%)

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