Sunday, October 2, 2016

Noah 3-4 months and life update

^for someone who likes taking photos, life has slipped by and before I know it, the kid is already another month old and i'm barely getting a picture in time! our sweet Noah is now four months old and continues to bring so much joy into our lives.

^when Noah was a little over two months, he had duel Inguinal Hernia surgery. We are so happy it is over and it went so well. He only had two small incisions on his pelvic area, and we are hoping they will eventually go away. Here is our sweet boy post op -- he was so calm coming off anesthesia and was gasing up a storm.  

^Travis has Noah in the morning while I am at work, and since we both have a good amount of time with him each day, so we are constantly snap chatting each other. Loads of screenshots. 

^totally became a selfie person once I had a baby.

my dad happened to be in town the weekend I unexpectedly went into labor, so he got to see Noah in the NICU. Since most people weren't able to hold him during the first few days, my dad wasn't able to really see him. He came into town recently and got to hold him for his first time. Noah loves him.  

Game day and peeing on mama during a warm bath.

spent our 5 year anniversary with Jambas for breakfast, couples massage, Cubby's for lunch (been there three times now and can't get enough of the wild rice and kale salad!), ice skating, and a movie and dinner. It was so nice to take some time away and hang out together.

Travis mom's side of the family own a cabin in Hobble Creek (dad side owns Bear Lake), and so we spent the weekend up there. We invited my siblings and were so glad they could all make it.

Travis' golfing tournament on Saturday. He won and was so excited about it. He told me he would only be a few hours, well, he ended up being most of the day. He brought me home flowers so he wouldn't get in trouble. It worked.

love these guys.

3-4 month Noah update:

-wakes himself up from laughing and ends up crying because he is made that he woke up
-major gas. Mom had to go off of dairy and soy -- hardest thing ever. However, there are some delicious dairy free ice creams out there. Sugardoodle cashew milk ice cream has my heart
-found his tongue and chews on it constantly
-smiles all the time 
-loves trying to "talk" to us
-loves baths and will straight up fall asleep in them
-drinks up to 6oz of mama's milk and gets mad when its gone. We've got a Michelin man on our hands
-loves to pose for snap chat and will often smile for the camera
-love his dad so much. Travis will walk by and Noah's eyeballs will practically fall out of his sockets out of excitement
-loves his swing that has a monkey mobile above it. He yells at the monkeys all the time and we will often find him making sad faces and almost crying, but then the mobile will turn and he will see one that makes him smile. It is so entertaining to watch
-loves chewing on his fist and sucking his thumb
-gaining more neck strength. I didn't do as much tummy time as I should have and now his head flops around like a friggin pancake. Sorry bud!
-sleeping through the night! the only time he wakes up is if he passing some gas and it hurts him. Thankfully, being off dairy has helped mucho
-still loves being outside. Sometimes the only thing we can do to calm him down is being outside. He is best friends with the wind. I'm not sure how i'm going to explain betrayal once his enemy winter comes along. 

4 months: 12.02 pounds (17%), 23 inches long (2%), head is 15.75 inches (6%). He is still a tiny guy. Our pediatrician said that if we evaluated him with kids six weeks younger than him (his full term birthday), he would be even. He will be quite the little man until about 6-7 months when he catches up with other 4 months old. He is still growing healthy and strong, so we are very happy!

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