Tuesday, August 9, 2016

life so far..

^^ snapped some two month photos outside - nothing too legit, but he is already so much chunkier!

^^ one month old!

^^ playing outside with mom in between screams

^^ enjoying his first Siebenhaar/Deus family reunion

^^ with cousin Luke and Calvin! I didn't realize how big he had gotten until Luke was holding him - growing so big and strong.

^^ blessing day. Scored this outfit online for 70% off and was so happy that he had gained so much weight and fit into it! he was such an angel baby through his whole blessing that his dad gave him. I cried during my entire testimony I gave that day (first time in probably 5 years i've given one) and have to remind myself daily that I didn't make a fool out of myself.

^^ Siebenhaar family. Linda put together a beautiful little display of food consisting of lasagna, olive garden salad, garlic bread and my favorite, root beer floats. We kept it real small only having immediate family.

^^ out of all the baby things I made sure we had before he came, I forgot to buy an infant bath for the sink. I compromised by using a gift that is supposed to be for 6+ months. Oh well, I kept the water low and he loved it. Kept kicking the heck out of the ducks head.

^^ Our little family of three. My life truly feels so complete.

^^ and again

^^ we took our first road trip to Bear Lake. We want to start getting Noah used to traveling quite young. We have a three week european vacation planned for next may and I can't have him freaking out the entire way to Germany! He loved the warm sun and the snuggles with family, but he did not love the water. 

^^ baby cub and daddy cub.

^^ when Noah was in the NICU, I wasn't allowed to breastfeed at times because of all of his monitors, etc.. so I pumped religiously in the hospital and produced a billion ounces of this liquid gold (wish that still was the case). I was trying to use so much of it before it went bad (they didn't have freezers in the NICU, so it was all going to go bad in just a few days). I was nervous to be introducing a bottle to him, because I didn't want him having nipple confusion, but he accepted the challenge of taking a bottle and he sure did it well. Only 8 days old and already holding it up on his own. I was laughing so hard! I still can't believe he was 5 lbs 3 ounces in this picture. He is now 10.5 lbs!!

^^ first bath in the Puj. He loved it despite his death glares.

^^ he loves being outside on a blanket. I think its mostly the wind the gently creeps across his face that he loves. He will occasionally gasp when the wind hits his face and make the biggest smile. I cried the first time it happened because in that moment, I thought it was the most innocent little thing. I look back and realize i'm just an emotional wreck 24/7.

Baby is 9 weeks now! I can't believe how big he has gotten. He has two inguinal hernias and will be going in for surgery this upcoming Friday at Primary Children's. I think once he has his surgery, all will be well.. but I definitely don't want to jinx it. We had his two month appointment at the pediatricians yesterday and a few things to add to his list:
- he has thrush and I have to give him the nastiest yellow liquid 4x daily. He spits it all up. poor kid. Hopefully it should go away in 2 weeks.
- he has a lop sided head (thanks for all the trauma in the womb). I have to do a plethora of exercises with him daily and if his head isn't better by his four month appointment then he will have to have a helmet. *insert the biggest emoji rolling his eyes EVER*
- he has a heart murmur. This should go away on its own eventually, doctor says there isn't much to be worried about there.
- his gas is out of control, so mom has to go on a special diet. *insert another emoji rolling eyes. I do not like being restricted on the food I eat, but will do anything for my little bug*

Life has been quite wonderful having him in our life. It is been hard to say the least, but well worth all of the sleep deprivation and tears shed over all of his medical issues. All I know is it could be a million times worse and he already has defied all odds. I mean, a two month old premie who already weighs almost 11 pounds. His doctor says that is amazing considering he was only 5 lbs 2 months ago. A few little things about our little guy:

- after nearly death exhaustion daily from Noah screaming all day, I caved in and tried a schedule. I refused to try one at first, but i'm so glad I decided to do it. We are going on a week and he is sleeping 5-6 hours at night and after I feed him he goes down for another 3-4 (9 weeks old! pretty good!), and taking 1.5 hour naps 4x a day. He has been LOADS happier since putting him on a schedule. I think he is happy knowing when he will be eating and when he will be napping. We're lucky and he's adjusted to the whole schedule thing quickly. However, he will only sleep if we have "ocean" white noise blasting.
- loves to purse his lips to let us know he doesn't want his binky anymore.
- when he is crying really hard he coughs
- loves warm baths, but will cry if the water isn't constantly running
- hates getting lotion put on him (I blame it on the fact that it probably makes him cold) - we have now had one of us blow warm air on him from the blowdryer while the other massages lotion into his body. The coo's and smiles we get from this are the best!
- loves being outside 
- loves his 4moms rockaroo. I will put him in this after his 5-6 hours stretch in his Dockatot ( <-- lifesaver. SO worth the cost), and he will sleep for another 3-4. I've tried just putting him back down in his Dockatot, but doesn't work as well.
- loves his hands by his face constantly. If he is swaddled, he will grunt and moan until he finds a way to break free.
- loves to stare at bright lights. i'm hoping he won't go blind.
- drinks up to 5 oz of milk at a time. No wonder why he is almost 11 pounds!
- loves, I mean, loves his binky. I don't know what we would do without it.
- loves being held. This was a really big struggle at first. He didn't want to be put down at all. Now that I have had him on a schedule for a short time, he is getting better at not being held all the time. I also don't let him cry it out (i'm a softy and just have a really hard time with it), but I will put him down semi-awake, so he learns to sooth himself to sleep. It was really hard a first, but now he does really well.
- loves having his head and face tickled. Particularly soft strokes down his nostril. loves that to his core.
- hates having his diaper changed. However, he seems to only cry while I do it. Travis must have baby soft hands.
- loves being in the shower with mom or dad. We bathe him every night (although only soap every other night), it is apart of our nightly ritual. Sometimes we will omit the sink bath and let him have skin to skin time with Travis or I. He seriously could die of excitement, but he pees to let us know instead.
- smiles all the time. Mostly in his sleep. Can't wait to see the smiles when he recognizes our expressions and faces.

2 months: 10.5 pounds (17%), 21 inches long (4%), head is 14.8 inches (9%). Seems like small percentages, but the pediatrician said for being a premie, he is growing by leaps and bounds - we are so proud.

Nicknames: bubbas bubbas (you have to repeat it twice. It stuck in the hospital and I can't stop saying it in the nastiest baby voice every), buggaboo, buggas, sweet bean, noah beanie babe. We literally make up words every day. You just have that feeling of i-want-to-squeeze-you-so-hard-right-now-but-i-won't-because-i-don't-want-you-to-scream-or-die, and random nick names just roll off the tongue. Some I'm proud of and some are just quite embarrassing. 

we are innately obsessed with his adorable chubby, double-chinned faced.


  1. I've been waiting for this! Such a cutie, Erin! You guys are taking this parenting thing and rocking it! Sorry, it hasn't been smooth sailing, but I'm glad things are okay! Love ya lots :).

  2. I loved this post so much! I was rolling laughing during most of it. You are hilarious! That lil' Noah bug is the cutest!

  3. Oh, so sweet. I love all the pictures and his so cute blessing outfit! Score on the price too!