Friday, October 23, 2015

life lately

so its a while since i've updated. I blame my boring life. truth is, for six years I couldn't wait to finish school. I could wait to come home from work and just do whatever I wanted -- whether it be a reading a book, watching real housewives of the OC on repeat, or eating ten dinners -- whatever it may be, I couldn't wait. Now that i'm done, i've found myself incredibly bored. the thought of doing one chore is daunting and I have found myself becoming so lazy. I mean, maybe it has to do with this job of mine that keeps me exhaustingly busy throughout the day.. but STILL! I've been trying to get out and doing things besides sitting on the couch, but even then I haven't done much. October is always a great month, and everyone and their dog thinks so too. I just love fall weather and i'm so grateful I live in a state that allows me to experience each season; its a wonderful time. 

In the middle of september, I was sent to a work conference in Los Angeles. Travis and I flew in a couple of days early and went to disneyland one day. It makes me sick how much money we spend in one day there, but I seriously cannot help it. I was asking my mother-in-law the other day why she is traveling in May to a vacation spot she has already been to. The thought of going to South Carolina twice was weird, like why not choose New Orleans or something?? then she whips back, "you are one to talk, Mrs. Disneyland!" haha I couldn't help myself but laugh. I'm a hypocrite, and its true. I love it. We spent most of our time in the hotel room because I was working after the all day conference as well, but as boring as Travis may have thought it was, I had fun!

side note: I just have to mention the picture taken of the back of my shirt.. well.. that is gum on the back of my new shirt. Husband did laundry and didn't take his gum out of his pockets. I couldn't stop laughing because every time I sat down my shirt stuck to my seat. I eventually got it off, but I gave him a hard time. 

We are excited for this fall, it is a fun time of year and we are looking forward to having jobs and not worrying so much about school. Travis convinced me to join a co-ed soccer league. I have never played a organized sport in my life, so it has been so stressful to me. I literally went to kick the ball last game and kicked the air, SO embarrassing I almost died. Then the ball was kicked right at me and I had a sheer panic attack inside and hit it away with my hands (BIG no no in soccer). I'll let you know if it every gets better, but I spend a majority of my thursday nights crying before I have to go play. haha. enjoy the pure randomness of my pictures.

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