Sunday, July 12, 2015

California Iphone Pics

I had a bunch of iphone pics from the vacation that I didn't take with my camera, so for my own sake I wanted to document them and tell what they were about. My computer is almost 8 years old, so its ready to blow up after I use photoshop to make these collages, but I love them.. so... sorry computer. I'm just waiting for the day you die on me.

1. Newport sunset at our villas. My sisters left the husbands back with the kids and just us five siblings went up to the pool, ordered drinks and sat and laughed. It is so fun to just be with the fabulous five. Our lives have all changed so much with marriage and kids.. but if there is one constant i'm so proud of, is that we are all best friends.
2. newport palms!
3. sat by the fire one night and little luke climbed up into my lap and sat ever so still. He always moves a million miles a minute, so this moment was so great for me. He relaxed his little baby feet right next to mine and just stared at the fire. Ah, those moments.
4. Disneyland!!
5. The castle was all dressed up in 60th anniversary decor. I loved it.
6. Cozy Cones chili verde chicken bowl, bbq pork bowl, and bacon/mac&cheese bowl. YUM.
7. its a small world. Everyone hates this ride, but I love it. I think its so fun for me to go in and see different cultures and hear the little robotic children sing in different languages.. haha that really sounds so creepy..
8. My little brothers took me to LAX when the vacation was over, but since Gentry served in L.A. we made some pit stops to places he lived. Here are the "Watts Towers.." oh man you guys. He took us to Compton, and oh boy, baby brother drives a BMW.. I was so stressed out that we were going to get jumped! but it was a good time and really really cool to see where he served. We went and visited a member and she made us authentic horchata. Delicious!
9. My dinner in the LAX airport. I took a picture because it was the best dang dinner and watermelon-lime lemonade i've ever had.
10. Millbrae Pancake house! this place is really popular in the area Travis lives in. It really is a small hole in the wall, but the best food. Thats the coolest thing about cities to me, so much history and these really cool small business that have been going for years. I just think it is so fun, and we will continue going back!
11. morning light coming in our room. We never wanted to wake up! sleep is so good in a big hotel bed.
12. Travis.. doing my homework for me! so sexy seeing him code. I mean.. you'd have to see it to believe it. Or maybe thats just me :)
13. So my friend, Limor Raz. She is a professor at the University of New Mexico, has her PHD in neuroscience, speaks Hebrew, English and French fluently, has is the nicest person i've ever met. Truly. Out of two booked flights, we happened to sit next to each other on both of them. Once from San Francisco to LAX and the other from LAX to Salt Lake. She still had much more flying to do that day, but we departed in Salt Lake with a giant hug. We talked about life, school, religion, studies of the brain and science behind women and men, food, traveling, everything! It is rare when you find someone that can just talk to you about every subject and be so genuinely interested. I found her so educated and fascinating and it was such a great experience for me. During our entire seven hours together, not once did I hear her say a bad or negative thing. She would praise me for everything I said, and tell me how i'm going to change the world (haha I know, right?), or how she can tell that I will be okay. I don't know why she said the last part, but she just said, "you're going to be okay, you know? you just will." and although it came out of nowhere, I really needed to hear it. I just couldn't help but feel we have met before, and I don't think its a coincidence that I felt that way. Maybe in another life, maybe not. She felt like a sister to me and we clicked so easily. Her family lives in Isreal and have been there ever since her Grandmother survived the concentration camps and moved there. She is a devout to her religion of Judaism, and I found it so beautiful. I don't know what it is about religion in general, but to me, I just find that if someone believes in someone higher and has a passion for pleasing God and making their lives better, I don't know.. Its just a really cool feeling and I respect her views 100%. It truly was a life changing experience for me and one i'll never forget. I'm going to go visit her when she goes to Isreal, because that'd be so cool! but more importantly, I really really want to see her again.
14. I GOT TO WAKE UP NEXT TO MY HUSBAND. I kept pinching myself.
15. Fabulous five.
16. and again, pancake house. Its really that good.  
^^sleep over with Aunt Erin. Oh wait, you peed the bed and then I had to sleep on it. Good thing I love you^^
^^five pina coladas on our dads tab, please!^^
^^haha! okay. Let me set things straight. This isn't my handwriting. Its Travis'. I've clarified before, but i'll clarify again, he writes like a girl. Anyway. He left this note on the windshield of an inconsiderate parker. He whips this out in like two seconds, I just don't understand where he gets his wit. hope our kids get it^^

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  1. Everything about this trip sounded amazing. Looks like you all had such a great time!