Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tramel Family Reunion

A few months ago, my family started to plan a family reunion in lieu of my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. We have been looking forward to this trip for quite sometime, since the last time we were on a family vacation was right before my parents divorced. That feels like ages ago and I remember writing on his mission during that Tramel family road trip, now in two months it will be our 4th anniversary! its crazy how time flies, but I can't imaging being married to my sweetheart for 60 years! man, my grandparents are two peas in a pod. My grandpa always well mannered and full of stories, and my grandma with perfectly manacured nails with the brightest of colors is never shy to tell me I can "borrow" some of her "large" chest, since I was born with raisins that don't seem to develop. I loved being around my dads side of the family. Most of my cousins were able to make it, but a few (that we missed so much!), and an aunt in Canada. Growing up my dads sisters lived in different states, it was a rare occasion that we saw our extended family. It was so fun to see them after so many years. We rented out Marriot beach villas in Newport beach and they were amazing. I mean, I felt so pampered. It was just such a good getaway with my family. We spent our time relaxing, playing with, swimming, more swimming, sipping virgin pina coladas (on dad's room tab!) by the pool watching the sunset, and looking through old family photos to celebrate my grandparents anniversary. It was such a good time. I also got to meet my dads other half, Claire and her 11-year old daughter, Grace. I can't get over how great they are. I really hit it off with Grace, I guess my soul is really 11-years old.. but she is such a darling girl and I loved her being around every bit. After a great weekend together, my immediate family ventured off to Disneyland for a couple of days. I didn't take many pictures there, mostly video. Yeah, another video to come!! I can't wait to put it together of the whole trip. But I almost cried when the trip was over. I loved being with my family every day and seeing my nephews in Disneyland was the most baby-inducing experience i've ever had. 

We had such a great time and I wish every day that I could go back and do it again! I hope my family can take more trips together in the future. Such a great experience. I also got to leave this trip and fly up to my sweet husband and see him for a weekend. I think it was actually a bad idea, because I was finally getting used to him being gone. I even did such a good job at the airport, I hugged him tight and said my goodbyes! then the baggage claim was a disaster. I couldn't keep it together, i'm such a baby! I took a total of two pictures in San Fran, I really wanted to be off media and just dedicate all my time to him. It was so worth it! and I didn't miss my camera once! 


^^^can't wait to put together my video. Now that Luke is home he keeps saying "I wanna go back to dinneyland!" and I say "what do you want to go back and see?" a cute high-pitched voice response, "mickey's house!" so sweet. I hope they all grow up to be disney-obsessed hooligans just like their family. 

Oh and the day before I left on this vacation I went in for a last-minute interview for my dream job. I got the call the next day and I was offered the position. I have been so worried since I took off almost a year off of work to finish school that it'd be hard to find something. More so, something I really wanted to do. I have been focusing on Human Resources for most of my college career and now I have my dream work situation. It doesn't feel like real life, but I am never been so excited to work. I've had jobs where I would rather die than go into the office, so it is such a good feeling to actually have a job i'm passionate about. I've been getting a lot of question about what i'm going to do once Travis is done in San Fran. Well, good question! My job is a three month internship to hire, so at the end of my internship i'll be able to leave if necessary. So I'm not sure where we will end up or whats going to happen, but we just have to take it a day at a time. So here is to really really good things and awesome family vacations.

Now, a countdown to our cruise in two months. I can't wait for our graduation/birthday/anniversary present all wrapped up in one amazing trip. 

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