Sunday, June 7, 2015

video diary : San Francisco

I was looking through my external hard drive the other day and found that most of my space is taken up of video. I also film on vacation with the intentions of putting together a "home video," so we can always have pictures and film. It is safe to say i've done a terrible job and meeting my goal. I decided to sit down and start with my most recent video in San Francisco. I have to admit, I was so nauseous at the end of making this. I'm definitely going on Amazon and buying a video stabilizer. If you get motion sickness, then maybe don't watch it. I am sorry in advance. It was fun to re-live a little of those memories that were only a few weeks ago (i've gotten through four weeks! can you believe it!?), but I had such a good time. It put a smile on my face. I had to turn down the music when Travis had the camera, because I always tell him to film whatever he desires. What he doesn't know is that zooming in and out almost made his wifey over here throw up. However, there was an otter. He really likes otters. 

Hope you enjoy this! hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more video from me. 

Happy viewing! (grab a bucket too, just in case.)

p.s. To watch it larger and in HD, click on the "vimeo" link. 


  1. Hey! I made a video of our vacation too! And it makes me sick haha I have yet to post it! But for real it's been my goal to start filming too, and I totally suck at it! But videos really are so fun! ☺️ Cheers to learning how to stabilize the dang things. 😜

  2. Oh and PS, my video is a hundred times shakier (and longer) so if you want to watch mine you definitely better have a bucket! That wasn't bad at all! Good job!

    1. haha, I can't wait for you to post yours! There is something special about video, it is so much different than pictures. I can't wait to see yours! this was a huge test run for me, so now that I kind of understand the ropes i'll take longer video and do better next time. Post away! and thank you my friend!