Saturday, May 30, 2015

stripes on stripes on stripes on stripes

I don't know what it is about it being my last semester of school, having the weather change to this sudden greatness of warmth, or having my siblings as my best friends, but it is SO hard to dedicate my time to homework like I usually do. I was so excited to get up and run because of the beautiful weather and the fact that I bought new running shorts. I don't know what it is about new workout clothes, but it gives you a whole new level of motivation. Is that so weird? after half a mile the shorts looked like bikini bottoms with a mix of the best camel toe you ever did see. (TMI?) but seriously, it was so bad and I remembered why I don't wear shorts. EVER. Like I never was that girl that wore short shorts in the first place and after a winter of wearing long pants while running, IDK.. I just hated them so bad. I decided to walk home, return those satan running panties, and then drive to Courts to go on a walk with her and harry baby. It was a great decision, far better than running by myself looking like a hooters wannabe (minus the chestacles because we all know I don't have anything going on there). 

Later, we all met up to go to Menchies. We ironically (even connors girlfriend) were matching, even down to the shoes). It was a great time basking in the sun and hanging out with my family. We decided to go over to our old stompin grounds at Jordan Ridge and play some family soccer. Oh, and when I say play, I mean I sat and watched. It was great fun and it was just a wonderful day with my loves. 

Hope you had a fabulous great start to this warm weather!


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