Sunday, May 17, 2015

San Francisco

I was really lucky with the timing of summer semester, I was able to have one week off that allowed me to venture out to SF to help Travis move for school. Travis has completed two months of his school online, and will be tackling 3.5 more in person. Since he started online, we knew this moment would come eventually and weren't really looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, we are so excited for his adventure and opportunity to attend school, but it is going to be hard without him here. We spent most of our week figuring out public transportation, walking distance to and from school, where he is going to live, nearest church building, gas stations, laundromat, etc.. and it was so good to be able to get it all put together for him. His parents were able to come out as well and we are just so lucky for them to be in our lives. I don't know what it is, but mothers just have a way of making sure every little thing is thought of. We had a lot of fun with them, and since they've been to SF a few times, they were able to show us around the city. 

When it was time to go, my heart was pounding faster than having to give a final presentation in front of 200+ kids at school. I didn't want to say goodbye. I know, you're probably thinking, "give me a break! its only three months.. you have face time, skype, instant messaging, text messaging, snapchat, etc.." but honestly. I'm kind of obsessed with this human being I call my husband. He has become my best friend in every way and not having him all to myself in person, well, it just kind of stinks. I need to focus on the positive though! we will be so busy this summer and I know it'll fly by. I don't know if i'll have the opportunity to visit him at all, just because of our crazy schedules, but its okay! we have eternity. I'm just so grateful i'm not a military wife sending my husband away not knowing if he'll even come back, or just having a significant other in general who has a dangerous occupation as a job. I'm just to big of a wuss! I couldn't do it. So 100 high fives to them.

A few (haha.. a lot) of our pictures below:
^Travis' school building on the left and a cute little trolly outside of it on the right.^

^China town. I didn't even go inside. I lived in the country for 6 months, pretty sure it was nothing new. ha^
^look at him so grown up. Outside of his apartment building, feeling proud to be a 'city boy.' Travis loves cities and the sounds that come from it. After sleeping in the apartment for one night, I was like "can we shut the window please! its so loud!" haha oh and fun fact, apartment buildings in SF don't have AC, because the ocean breeze is so cool, that people just bust open all their windows. Well I sleep with the window open and a fan on in the dead of winter in Utah, so I wasn't having it. Glad its him there, not me. :)^
^Embarcadaro Center. I was expecting something different when coming to SF. Their city is much more flat than I was expecting.^
^My Fitbit said I walked over 12,000 steps a day, so naturally, we get ice cream to make up for it.^
^Pier 39. Smell smelly seals and in the distance, Alcatraz.^

^Wish I could smooch him all over that cute face right now. Two days and i'm already dying^

^Palace of fine arts. Homes around this area were in the $5.5 million dollar range. In SF, you are going to be paying about $1 million per room and rent goes for about $3-5,000 a month. Someone please talk my husband into living in Utah. haha. No I would love to live in a city, SO much.. but man! not for my leg, arm, eyeball and a tooth.
^where's waldo.. but lets play with a black hat and grey sweatshirt.^
^Growing up, my sister loved everything Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She owned their doll figurines, every movie they ever acted in, was apart of their official fan club, and owned a directors chair that said "Mary-Kate" on the back. So I saw a lot of Full House growing up, so it was fun to see the "painted ladies" in person. 

^isn't it embarrassing when your husbands clothes fit you, even a bit snug? I didn't come prepared for how COLD and WINDY it is in this city (all year round might I add..) so thankfully my hunk lets me borrow his clothes.^

^I biffed it SO hard walking to this spot. I have a fun bunch of scrapes to show for it. When I fall down, I don't usually get sad and cry, I get mad. Like, I was so mad I fell! It hurt so bad and Travis just stood there like "are you okay??" and i'm like "thanks for helping me up!" and he says "stop being mean, i'm trying to help"and I then start crying. Turned from mad to sad in a matter of seconds. Shoot. Someone needs to get me some pills, ya!? Thank goodness for this guy who deals with it! am I hearing an amen!?

^Muir woods. These trees were massive^

^on our way down to pebble beach. We stopped through Carmel and Monterey. Beautiful little cities. It KILLED me that we were only an hour from the Big Sur and didn't go. I should have just bribed my in-laws with all things ice cream to see if they would have driven down there. I follow this amazing photographer on Instagram and have for quite a long time, he always photographs this place. I'm telling you, I will get there someday.^

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