Monday, April 27, 2015

I have been sick for the last couple weeks with the most ridiculous cold of all time. I have to tell you, it hasn't fully gone away, but I am sick of eating saltines, chicken noodle soup (without chicken.. yuck!), and applesauce. I swear, I have had Travis run to the store five times a day for the amount of cough drops I am consuming, it cannot be good for my body. However, I am grateful for the moments I am miserably sick, because it makes me appreciate my health so much more. Today, I showered for the first time in five days. FIVE DAYS. Please don't throw up, my smell was covered by all the essential oils I was diffusing. Well, that probably made me smell worse. Poor husband. I also want to make a public announcement about my new favorite show, Gilmore Girls. It has been on repeat while i've been in bed and I love it. I never really thought I would like it, but please go watch it! it makes you feel all sorts of good inside. 

Lastly, I have decided that since I showered for the first time in a week, I should take a picture with my husband who leaves in a week. A WEEK. We're driving out to San Fransisco together after graduation to take a week vacation before I say goodbye for three months. It should be really fun, but my tears are already filling my eyes at the thought of saying goodbye. Travis and I have a great independent relationship. We have our activities that we do apart from one another and even sometimes vacation with friends without the other.. however, when we are together I am quite obsessed. I just love him being in my presence every single second and sometimes annoy the living heck out of him. So three months of not being able to have dance parties around the living room, having staring contests while brushing our teeth, watching youtube videos in bed way past bedtime, pillow talk, alphabet competitions, and hide n' seek when the other comes home from work... is going to be hard on me. I guess i'm going to have to nick name things around the house and baby talk to them so I feel like he is kind of there... man! i'm such a loser. Well, here's to husband leaving and to my extreme pitty party! I should probably just be luck I have the life I do. I am just going to miss my partner in crime. 

I'm midway done with finals! three done and three more to go! yipeeeee! 
Happy Monday!

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