Sunday, May 17, 2015


^hey dad! sorry we're so blurry!^

some pics from my iphone:

Even though I have a couple of more months, I am so happy to say that I  am graduating. It was the coolest experience. It was such a hard decision for me to decide where to go to get my bachelors degree, because I didn't just want to pay to get a piece of paper, I wanted to receive a great education. When I chose the U, I didn't know if it's $8,000 a semester would be worth it, but i'm here to say it was. I'm so grateful for the sacrifice Trav and I both made for the past few years, saving everything we have to be able to pay out of pocket for my education. There are so many things we've wanted and just were never able to buy, because this was such a priority for us. It literally killed me paying for school each semester, but I knew it would pay off someday. I'm so proud to have graduated from business school. I have never had a more meaningful semester than I have had this spring. I have made some amazing friendships with classmates and professors. No just that, the material I studied in my classes were finally things I was passionate about. I have loved getting into my final classes and study what i've finally wanted to for so long. I chose business management because it is focused on people and managing conflict in organizations. The best part about my degree though, is it is so applicable to my personal life as well. It has been a huge asset for career and I can't wait to take it into the real world. I have loved my time at the U and am so happy about my decision to spend my time and money there. Go Utes!

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  1. Congratulations Erin!! Graduating is such an accomplishment, I think that it is such a worthwhile investment and worth all the sacrifices!