Sunday, March 8, 2015

through my iphone

I love doing my iphone posts. I forget about some of the pictures in my phone. They get lost with the array of photos I take every day. I can't even tell you the amount of people I take pictures of on Trax. I should make my own 'Humans of Utah' or something.. I bet they'd be pretty interesting. Haha. 

1. Travis is really into this 'man bun' stage and refuses to cut his hair (heaven forbid). This is what it looks like on the daily.
2. I am trying to mix up the way we use our juicer. I found a homemade Popsicle recipe and decided to go for it. I juiced an orange, lemon, lime, and green apple. I then blended a banana. It was REALLY tart, but I loved it. Travis, not so much.
3. oh because Travis wears crazy ties and I wear crazy tights.
4. we went to the temple for the first time since November. It made me really sad that we had let our lives get so busy that we forgot to attend monthly. It felt so good and I didn't want to leave.
5. after-temple selfie
6. Two words: Asian City. You must go! We got kicked out when the closed and were so mad because we still had half the store. As I was gawking over the imported goods I hadn't seen since my days in China, Travis was scouting out all of the good nun chucks and samurai swords.  Apparently some kid tried to tell travis which weapons were good in a duel, and as much as Travis likes that stuff, he felt the kid was really serious and it freaked him out. He come over to me, "Man, I had at least another 15 minutes in there. I'm really sad." haha.
7. who knew my husband could be such a beautiful Frozen princess??
8. Who knew I could be such an ugly pirate. ;)

Hope you enjoyed my phone dumpage. Rumage through your phone and i'm sure you'll be surprised about the moments you forgot about too.  Then blog about it so I can see :)

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