Friday, March 13, 2015

sisters: those that eat together, stay together

^^I look at this picture and think, yikes! we look so washed out and cartooned, but that what you get for bad lighting. :)^^

We love to eat together, not matter the occasion. I love that I can text them late at night and say "dessert?" and they both write back "yes" in a matter of seconds. These lady loves are my best friends. I just have to brag about them for a second, because I can't imagine a world without sisters in it. I know there are a lot of people out there who don't have sisters, but I think heavenly father knew that if I didn't get them in my life, I wouldn't survive. Seriously. These girls have always told me how good of a mom i'm going to be someday, how much they love me, how proud they are of me, and the list goes on. We are each others biggest fans and it just helps my life go by so much more smoothly with them in it. I just got done watching the series Parenthood (I could cry thinking about it. Best series i've ever watched) and I just realized how much family means to me. Their annoying, beautiful, smart, sassy selves. I could just hug them until they die, but I won't because I obviously want them live :) 

Happy Sibling Day!


  1. The three of you have always made me so sad that I have no sisters of my own. You are the perfect sister dynamic.

  2. Um, I was there that night, thus the 4th yogurt...

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