Saturday, March 21, 2015


My sister-in-law purchased a car in Utah and needed to drive it to Arizona, so my mother-in-law and I decided to join and make a trip out of it. I've never been to Arizona (maybe when I was little. I don't remember a thing), so it was fun for me to experience. We went through the Arizona airport on our way back from Florida last year, but from what I saw it looked absolutely barren. I didn't know what to expect, but Arizona is beautiful. I was expecting it to look like the pictures above, but it was like a little town of astro turf, palm trees, and really good food. That last part? well I could be in a smelly armpit and if I had good food I wouldn't care. So I may have been tricked, but I still thought it was great. 

On our 11 hour drive down,  **insert some type of emoji in a funeral hurst scraping at the windows trying to desperately get out** we stopped by Lake Powell and the dam. It was a wonderfully scenic. I loved every bit. Even the Asians who didn't speak English. I kindly asked if I could take their pictures for them and they hesitantly argued back and forth in mandarin before handing me the camera. They were scared for their lives that I would steal their sunshine colored pentax camera. It was really amusing for me. Anywho, we hike the "A" on ASU's campus and that was real fun. We also had the opportunity to visit the Mesa and Gilbert temples. It amazes me how they cater to the detail of the state (or country) the temple is built in. They were both beautiful and hopefully you can get a glimpse of it from just the outside :). We also went to a massive swap meet. I really can't even begin to explain the great things you can find at these things! my swap meet virginity was taken from me and I just couldn't have been happier. Oh and, catus, cactus, nothing but the cactus. Those things are huge! they literally grow daggers, but they are fun to jump next to. The only small one I could find was as tall as me. Lastly, Arizona had a shooting where we were so we stayed home until he was caught. Then we had dinner next to the hospital he was being contained in. It was like a real-life horror story. However, the food. Did I mention the food in Arizona!? never mind the incredible shopping, but the food. I'm glad I got to experience it before my sister-in-law moves. It was a great time to visit before satans heat destroys it all.

Hope you had a great spring break yo!

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