Sunday, February 15, 2015

i'm only in it for the chocolate, obviously.

Happy Valentines Day! (well yesterday, but whatever.)

This boy and I really are the worst couple when it comes to this love explosion holiday. We didn't buy one card for each other and even forgot to say Happy V-Day to each other until a few hours after we woke up. Travis randomly got up, went to his car, and brought me back in a cute package of chocolate covered cinnamon bears (these are my FAVORITE) and says "I got these for you. I forgot they were in my car." hahahaha. We are slackers when it comes to this holiday and it just doesn't bother me one bit. We decided to go to dinner, but after going to Texas Roadhouse and hearing their wait time of 110 minutes; ahem... almost 2 hours!!!!! we knew it was going to be a joke trying to go anywhere. We actually lucked out going to our favorite bbq joint and having the wait only 10 minutes. I guess next year we might have to actually make reservations or something.

Here is to all of the couples who saw fifty shades of grey and talked about it around us at dinner. Seeing all their sexy glances at each other and just knowing they were tearing each others clothes off with their eyes. Their non-verbal messages filled the room and it really grossed me out, but my steak was really good.  *cheers!*

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