Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in review

This year we had many ups and downs, just like most. However, we did experience more up than downs. We had an amazing year and we truly are excited to leave some of it behind. We have so many things lined up for us this year and as some really big decisions come, we can't wait to make them together. I'm so proud of how far Travis and I have come, I truly feel like we keep evolving and hope to continue to do that. This year I really want to focus on spending my time wisely. With school, I don't feel like I have much time as it is, but I want to make sure the people I surround myself with -really- understand how much I love them. Here is 2014 in review (not all, but limited to my favorites):

1. experiencing the ice castles in Midway, UT.
2. walking around temple square and viewing all of those lovely cherry blossom trees. Brings me back to living in China.
3. spending weekends with the husband in sweats and eating things that are really bad for you.
4. plenty of times spent in the gorgeous mountains of Utah.
5. Baby Clavin (Kylee's babe) and baby Harrison (Courtney's babe) were born. I'm now a proud aunt of three sweet boys.
6. sending off Chinese lanterns on Chinese new year (before they were illegal, people).
7. Running the dirty dash with my best friend.
8. taking many back yard selfies of the husband and myself on a tripod given to me by my brother-in-law.
9. Travis sending me on an amazing scavenger hunt for my birthday, ending the night at 'The Rose,' eating one of the best steaks of my life.
10. going to Disneyland with my two baby brothers, my mom and step-dad.
11. establishing 'pillow-talk' every night at 9:30pm and review our days with each other.
12. Gentry getting home from his mission. I will never be able to describe the feeling of having him home after two years.
13. Going to Florida with the Siebenhaars. It was an amazing vacation and am just so grateful for my parents-in-law. (and for EVERYTHING else they do for us.)
14. many trips to bear lake; staying up way past bed time, playing 'bang!' way too many times, eating raspberry shakes until we turned into the bitter fruit, realizing I need a new swim-suit because that cold water doesn't hide RT - if you know what I mean..
15. Going to Moab with some good friends. I never knew how much I disliked camping in 110 degree heat until I did this, but I did gain a love for Macklemore. Thank you.
16. Visiting Utah's most breathtaking hot springs. I will keep going back as long as I live in Utah.
17. Celebrating our 3rd anniversary. We are a bunch of newbies over here, but we would like to think that three years is worth celebrating!
18. visiting friends and getting to see their precious babies. 
19. having Travis' family all together during Christmas, my heart was filled with joy. 
20. celebrating my grandpas 80th birthday. He gave me a picture of the both of us for Christmas with the most genuine letter he could have ever written me. I was at a loss for words and it just meant the world to me.
21. Finishing fall semester with knowing i'm graduating THIS YEAR.

Thank you for a wonderful year 2014, you were a good year and I really couldn't have asked for more. Except for maybe no snow, but I realize this is an impossible request. 


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  1. sounds like an awesome year and this year you will graduate!!! woot woot!