Tuesday, January 6, 2015

because my blog is to document pointless things too

 Introducing Sophomore Erin and Travis. I'm really dying. I remember being so nervous about my hair that I curled it, hairsprayed the CRAP out of it (see the straight strands allllll over?? yeah those babies.).. and then went to school the next morning. Should we talk about Travis' hair? he was so proud that he got it straight (naturally very curly hair..) but told me he hates this picture.. so I guess we're on the same page on how we feel about our individual pictures.. but I thought I would share. Well, because it is really funny and who would have thought that this would have been my future husband. I still remember my sister coming home from school one day and saying, "Travis Siebenhaar invited me to hang out with his friends this weekend." and I was like "is that the kid that wears a small school bus backpack and is always wearing high-top chucks?" I didn't like Travis by word-of-mouth.. knew he was trouble. I guess I wasn't able to stay away because he was actually really awesome and I really liked him:) anyway, this is the image of Travis when I think of him in highschool. Definitely not the wide-receiver/defensive back football player you'd imagine. Oh and then there was me; yearbook staff, peer leadership team leader, honors society and a member of the photography club. Ha. How we ended up together is one big mystery. Love him so much though. (oh yeah, through my sister... sorry court for marrying one of your friends!)

on the other hand, i'm addicted to Costco's 7 super-food salad and topping it with grapefruit and pomegranate seeds. Seriously, i've eaten it every day for the past week for lunch and dinner. I don't joke around. You should try it the second you step into your next Costco, you won't regret it.
oh and i'm so excited!! Travis and I have been figuring out what kind of vacation we want to do after graduation in July (same month for both of us!! wahoo!) but we know that we want to save for a lot of other things, so we couldn't do this amazing european vacation we've always wanted to do, but we booked a 7-day southern Caribbean cruise in September for a graduation/birthday/anniversary present. We have no idea where we will be then, but all I know is Royal Caribbean had buy one get one 50% off for the new year and we couldn't resist. Travis has never been anywhere tropical in his life (disneyworld was the closest thing..) so he was begging to go on a cruise.. so i'm really excited. Considering our vacations have only consisted of Disney and seeing my dad in New York, i'm really excited. This year is going to be a good one and I just want September to be here NOW.

thanks for reading this extremely pointless post!  

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  1. Haha I love old pictures. You were both so cute and little. :)

    A cruise sounds so awesome, I have always wanted to go on one!