Sunday, December 28, 2014

he did it, he did it, he did it!

For quite sometime, Travis and I have been researching the best schooling programs for software engineering. Through this research we had met and spoken to many people who had attended a particular one in San Fransisco. While we thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity, it is a very hard school to get into and knew it would take a lot of work on Travis' part. After studying for over six months teaching himself the 'languages' of code, Travis applied and heard soon after he had a scheduled interview. This interview happened during my finals, so I felt terrible that I couldn't focus my time on helping him prepare. I've never seen him so nervous about something in all the times i've known him (well.. maybe his proposal to me.. but I have no idea why he'd be nervous about that ;)). The interview was conducted over Skype, so it was more nerve wracking for him that he wasn't able to do it in person. He was put through a series of difficult tests and was asked to create a program by himself while they watched. It was quite an intense interview, but he did it. The next 24 hours were quite nerve wracking, but it all paid off. He was accepted over hundred of applicants to be one of twenty students. It was such a blessing and I know his hard work paid off. This is his dream and I am so happy that I can support him in what he loves to do. Guess what? the program, like I mentioned, is in San Fransisco. He leaves while i'm completing my last semester of school. I'm so bummed, but I know we can do this and it'll work out. He starts in March and will complete the program in August. I will finish school and then join him when I am done with my semester. This has been a complete rollercoaster and one i've had the complete pleasure of riding with my sweet husband. He has been nothing but incredible to me while i've been in school and I can't wait to do the same to him. It is crazy to think that we will leave Utah, this place we both have called home for over 24 years. We can't wait to do it together though. 

Oh and he had to get a new laptop because they are required in the program, so here is my main squeeze and all of his excitement. 

BRING IT ON 2015, we have a lot in store.. I mean a lot.. and I cannot wait to embrace it all.


and in case you missed my instagram post, here is our pathetic Christmas card. Hope you had an amazing holiday!


  1. That's so awesome! Tell Travis Congrats! What a fun adventure for you guys :)

  2. That's amazing - congratulations to you both!!! A Skype interview sounds awful - I bet that was stressful.

    San Francisco!! That will be so great. It was crazy to me when Jeff and I left Utah, but like you said - we were together, and it has been such a great adventure and now we don't want to go back... :)