Wednesday, November 19, 2014


On Thursday I took three exams. Studied for two weeks straight for these babies, just to get my results back reflecting someone who probably went to class and guessed. Tests are not my thing and I invest myself way too much into school. It makes me so distraught to try my hardest at something just to fail at it, and I wont lie, I might've told Travis I'm just not finishing school. Going into Business probably wasn't the greatest idea for me, but I've learned so much and I cant imagine having done it a different way (7 more months!! I can do this!!). This past weekend I spent moping around, bummed about my scores. I was down on my luck until I got home on Saturday and had a little poem waiting for me on the counter:

I have a surprise for you
But don't get your hopes up, its 1 not 2
Don't have to climb mountains or cross a rocky road
for this surprise can be found in our humble abode
This very thing I will have you know
You can find the surprise where you may find snow
Working hard never accepting defeat
My dearest love, you deserve a treat

Yeah.. I don't know where he gets all his sentimental poetry from (well his head.. but you know what I mean.) but it sure swoons the heck out of me. I couldn't even start searching for the surprise before I started weeping. But I was weeping all the way to the freezer to pick up my surprise. There it awaited me. Supreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream. Those all had to be capitalized, because to me, I worship this stuff. I just threw myself in his arms so dang emotional and couldn't stop crying because of ICE CREAM. What is wrong with me? So there I sat, next to the raging fireplace and ate the ENTIRE 16 oz ice cream. (it was like a self-serve size, okay?!). It was great and my feelings were just so comforted after that.

If I know one thing, I know I haven't failed with him.

p.s. I hate you to the moon and back, school.
^^I went running the morning after the ice cream devour and found this on the trail. Thank you mother nature, you made me feel better too.^^

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