Wednesday, November 26, 2014

so here we are again

its thanksgiving and dare i say, almost that time of year (CHRISTMAS!!!). when we first got married, i really wanted to start a annual christmas card so we could have one every year. its been fun watching us change and grow even if we are only in our fourth year of marriage. we ventured outside after church on sunday to take some pictures for our card. (thank you brother-in-law for the awesome tripod you bought me for my birthday!). we looked into getting professional pictures done, but decided to save the money and take our own.. because when you invest in a camera you can attempt to take your own and they'll maybe come out decent. 

anyway, this time of year is my favorite. the months in between each fall seem to go by so quickly and here we are again, November. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it starts the festivities to christmas; the music, food, smells, family gatherings, oh and did I mention food? on christmas day the activities seem to go by so quickly and then BAM the day is over and you are just left with that yellow/brown snow and cold weather.. you know what i mean? well, the purpose of this post was to say happy thanksgiving to you. i'm so grateful i get to live in this world and see the good that people can be. it really helps to remind me to strive to serve and help others around me. i'm in no way perfect, but i went out twice today to find a pie dish and saw some really sweet acts of kindness. i just hope i can reciprocate that.

happy thanksgiving and eat a lot of foooooooood! 

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful. I hope you'll post your card here when it is finished!