Saturday, November 1, 2014

cooped up.

I had to venture to school yesterday to meet with some peeps for a group project. Can I please express my deep abhor for group projects? just tie me up, torture me with the smell of seafood and let me suffer. Anything but group projects! I have this deep despise because I 100% always end up doing all of the work. So there I sat on Trax with my clear annoyance written all over my face when a homeless man turns to me and......SNEEZES....... pure snot and saliva all over my face. (I'm not being dramatic, I had to take off my jacket and wipe my face off.)

You can imagine my face:

all I could mutter was, "cover your mouth." I wanted to cry and die a little inside. I wish I could tell you all of my Trax stories from this semester, but alas, I'll spare you the pain. If I wasn't a cheapskate I would drive my car to school, so in the meantime I'll just pray I don't get violently attacked by saliva again.

within a couple of hours my throat started to swell and Mr. Cold decided to pay me a visit. I'm hoping this man didn't have Ebola, because this sickness hit me hard and fast. It probably was a combination of sitting next to sickies all week. Oh well. I truly hope you had a happy Halloween! Now lets try and study for 3 exams over congestion. Wahoo!

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  1. This story is all kinds of awful. You could have stopped with group projects and I would have sent my deepest sympathy your way!

    I hope you get well soon!!