Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disneyland views through my I-phone

I was doing homework on a Saturday morning when my phone rang. It wasn't a number I was familiar with, so I didn't answer it. The next day, I got a call from that same number. I reluctantly picked it up. 

"Hello, Mrs. Siebenhaar?"
"My name is -- and I am calling from American Express to inform you that we are rewarding you with a free flight for all of the purchases you have made on your card in the last three months." (helllllo tuition at the U and hellllo delta skymiles.) 
okay. That's awesome.
"Yes, the only catch is it needs to be redeemed in the next 60 days."
haha well I won't be using it, I can't afford to go on vacation in the next 60 days.
"If you do, please call us. We would love for you to travel with American Express."
Now lets be honest, I guesstimated that and how it went.. but you get the idea. When my little brother left on his mission he told my entire family that all he wanted was a big family reunion in Disneyland. We had all planned on it for two years until Kylee and Courtney decided to birth children right when Gentry was coming home. My sisters were out, but the rest of my family was going. Obviously we were on the outs anyway because we can't afford to do anything these days... but after that American Express call, I scratched my small brain for hours trying to figure out how I could go. All I needed was money to pay for passes (thank you mom for the rest :)) and are you kidding? that in itself is like $300.00. So It was a no. I wasn't going to go. (I rhymed!) but then, I decided I have a lot of stuff around the house i've been meaning to sell and I finally took full advantage. In three days I had made enough to go. So thank you KSL, I didn't even have to use any of our money! Lets just say my husband was more than pleased. I got rid of crap and I got to leave him with some peace for a few days. I know he was secretly jumping for joy when I was hugging him crying at the airport. I always cry, please tell me you do to when you have to leave your hubbies!? dang my emotional/sensitive self! I got my mom, step-dad, and two baby bro's for three whole days to myself. It was fan-tabulous. I seriously had a ball. 

But then I came home to a flooded basement. Our basement employed two large rented fans, three small house fans, and lots of socks for Erin's feet. So don't mind me. I'm off to put on a beanie, gloves, lots of those socks I was talking about, sweats and lots of blankets. I'm not fond of our stuff being thrown around the basement like confetti and sleeping in a moist (eek!! that word!) basement full of open windows and fans blowing 24/7.. BUT I have a home to sleep in and I certainly cannot complain. I'm still happy as a button and you know, I got to go to DISNEYLAND. Truly a great thing. 

**remember how I said in May that I was disneyed-out.. hahaha that lasted about two seconds.**

Love peace and chicken grease!

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  1. Your family and Disneyland - those two things are like peanut butter and jelly.

    And nooooo to a flooded basement - I hope not too many things are ruined!