Saturday, August 2, 2014

life lately according to my iphone

I have to admit, sometime my phones quality just stinks. I love my camera and it somehow always makes its way around my neck whenever we leave the house, but lately.. i've just been loving not carrying it around. So, here are some mediocre pictures from this month. My dad was able to make it to Utah for the 24th weekend. It was great. Since my parents are divorced, I don't see my dad as much as I would like. What I am grateful for, is my mom who seems to always be there when I need her. I don't think she will ever realize how much I appreciate that. I miss having both my parents in one place, because sometimes I just need my dad. I am so thankful for modern technology and face-time, because it truly helps my withdrawals from seeing my papa. 

Its hard for me to remember the times when my parents were married, but one thing that I appreciate seeing now that they are apart are their strengths and weaknesses. I know that might be weird to say, but it makes me appreciate how much love my mom gives me in a way that my dad cant and the ways my dad can give me advice that my mom can't. Its fun to see their differences and how much two people can bring into one family. I know this may be a weird optimistic view, but it also makes me think of the parents travis and I will be someday, too. The truth is, I had a lot of love growing up and i'm so grateful for the parents they are. Sure, there is negative.. more than I wish there was.. but I really choose to focus on the good that they both bring into my life, because they have given me more than I could ever imagine. Its a crazy experience, this thing called life. I'm glad I get to spend quality time with my momma and quality time with my dad. I think it is time I wouldn't have gotten if life maybe turned out differently. I'm am so happy for the time I get to spend with siblings too. They are seriously my best friends and I turn to them for everything. 

I guess today i'm grateful for family. For the crazy experience we've been through together, but I know its all meant to be for some reason I maybe don't understand still. I had a great month spending so much quality time with all of them, and I hope you all have had a great month too.  


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