Tuesday, August 5, 2014

because we thought it was really cool.

Holy Cow.

I was looking back at old photo albums and had to scan this into my computer. Don't worry, this is me and my closest girlfriends at 17 years old. Why we felt to drive up into the mountains, dress the exact same, and pose like this? well.. i'm so glad we did. Even though a lot of us have grown up, grown apart, and moved away, i'm glad for the girl friends I had in high school. Its been fun to see each other get married, have babies, get pregnant, graduate college, etc.. the list goes on and on! there is something so cool about being able to watch childhood friends grow up. I went to elementary school with half of them and its so crazy to say we've known each other over 16 years. Whoa.

I've been able to get together with a lot of them lately. Its been so great!

Happy national friend day. Glad these ladies (and gent) are all mine! :)

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