Sunday, August 10, 2014

sleeping only a total of five hours on a weekend is fun, right? uhhh.

Every year we go to one of our best friends cabin's in Bear Lake. I often opt out of not going and let my husband have his guy time, but this time I decided to go. I was sixteen when I first met Travis (two years away from being ten years! whoa!) and ever since i've always been good friends with his buddies. I think it is so great they've stayed such good friends throughout the years. when we get together it is always full of laughing until my gut hurts and having conversations that always reach the bottom of my heart. I yearn for these weekends without cell phone service. Its such a great feeling to know that so much fun can be had these days without relying on our phones being in our faces 24/7. I'm definitely guilty of this. I even left my camera at home, because I was convinced I was going to just enjoy this weekend and just really be in the moment. I'm so glad I did.

Every summer our friends hold a Survivor themed weekend. Yes, if you've watched the TV show it is a lot like it. perform dueling challenges (our team; the sharks, killed at every challenge by the way:) ), search for immunity idols and even go to tribal council. We had 18 people playing and things definitely got heated. Our team came out on top and I even made it into the final three. I think I even fell more in love with my husband. give that guy a sling shot.. and my knees just buckle. He has so many hidden talents and I just ooooo and aaaaahh every time I witness a new one. we dominated at this game and guess what? I know I would ROCK it on the actual tv show. My hidden secret, I'm utterly obsessed with scheming game shows. Maybe I just think I would be good at it because I have an awesome poker face. Well, at least i'd like to think so. Travis and I paddle boarded for the first time together. Although going with two people was harder than it looks, travis and I were almost drowning by laughing so hard. We finally mastered it and our friends had to yell at us from the beach to come back because we stayed out so long. We considered ignoring them, but ya know.. if we did that we might have been schemed against and gotten voted off. Didn't want that! Plus we both got mean sunburns. Whoops!

Needless to say I got NO sleep. This girl, you know, the one who goes to bed at what? 9pm every night? went to bed friday night at 4am. I'm so dead serious, I was hallucinating. My body is still recovering from it and i'm struggling to stay awake right now. I'm blogging to keep myself occupied and the second my clock hits 8:00pm i'm passing the fudge out. 

Love my hooligan friends that make my world go round! Thanks for a great weekend Jared and Leslie! we love you!

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