Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pillow Talk

So you might be able to tell, but my sweet husbands eyes are so red and tired in this picture. Sure, it might just be the weird lighting in our room when I took this picture.. but he was very tired. I haven't had to work this whole week, so I've stayed up late partying by myself and waking up later in the morning. It has been fabulous. I'm kind of setting myself up for failure though, because school starts next week and my alarm will be going off at 4:30 am to be able to catch the 5:30 train. AH! but i'm living the YOLO life, ya know? its great. My dear sweet man has just  been promoted to project manager at work and has been working his little tushy off. He goes into work early and comes home late, exhausted. However, he knows my favorite thing in the whole world is having deep conversations right before bed time. I don't ever turn off the light, because then I get really tired. I have SO much to tell him and bless his heart, he stays up and listens to every word. I even took a picture to prove it. Guess what time it is here? around 11:30pm. If ANY of you know me, I can't make it past 9:00pm every night. But this partying-it-up-late-thing is really getting me. I feel like a whole new person. Plus you know, those awesome cramps just keep me up all night. I mean, thats a whole new story. Most of our pillow talk consist of me crying about life and telling travis how one little person at the store inspired me to be a better person. Ha this poor husband of mine. I'm so grateful for a partner in crime that listens to my every want, need and goal in life. 

Pretty soon it'll be our 3rd anniversary and i've been working on a project for Travis that is taking WAY longer than I would like it to. Reflecting on Marriage and what its been like the past three years brings up so many emotions. I joke with Travis that if I would have known the things we would go through, I probably would have just stayed single the rest of my life. Marriage has been the hardest, yet most rewarding thing i've ever done in my life. It is a complete selfless act and I must admit, I struggled with that because I think I can easily be a selfish person. We talk about a lot of this "stuff" during pillow talk and it is so funny to see where we've been and how far we've come in just three short years. I cannot even imagine the naive thoughts that will come into my 30-year-old mind when reflecting on my 23-year-old mind, when it comes to "what we've been through." I'm grateful for every single challenge we've been through together and individually. I just know that I wouldn't have grown at all if it weren't for every single one of those bumps in the road. I've had friends and family go through so much more than me/us and they are all my inspirations on their incredibly optimistic views on life. I swear you guys, this pillow talk stuff just makes my brain work harder than it needs to. I reflect and think way too much. Sorry you have to read it. But I love you for doing so!


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