Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hi, Salt Lake City!

Yesterday my mom invited me to go downtown with her, my gramps, and his siblings. I was having an extremely bad morning and wasn't in the mood to be around anyone. She finally convinced me to go over free breakfast (yes, involve free food and i'll always be there). So I threw on an oversized sweater, wore a good old top knot, and died in the 94 degree heat that I somehow thought would surprise me and be 79 degree weather. Oh, Utah.. your dang bi-polar weather. I just want to spank you. 

My grandpa was raised by a single mom and grew up thinking he was an only child. When he was 50 years old, he found out he had two siblings he had never met. In twenty years, they've seen each other three times. His siblings, Mary and Dave, flew in from different states to be here for my grandpa's 80th.   We took them on a tour of Salt Lake and got to see some awesome views from the church office building. My grandpa, Mary and Dave are all active members of other faiths. Which is completely okay. But, it was so cool to see how awesome they talked of mormons and how beautiful our "castle" was. I've never been in a moment that I have needed to be a "missionary," or answer questions when others ask about my faith. Its intimidating and I am selfish and would rather just believe it myself and not share with others. I don't know, I guess there is just something i'm terrified about when introducing what I believe to other people that don't necessarily understand. I need to be more knowledgable. However, I somehow had something come over me and I was able to answer the questions Mary and Dave asked me. It was a special experience and I think it was amazing how involved they were with the things I was telling them. If nothing comes of it, thats okay, I just think it was really cool that they had so much respect for everything that I believe. 

I am glad I was able to witness them all being together for their third time. It was truly a gem.

P.s. Remember how I told you I love watching the sun rise each morning? I ran with my phone this morning and was able to capture it. Ah... I just love it!

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