Sunday, August 24, 2014

since its my birthday, that means I can eat all the cake I want.. right?

So my birthday. It rocked. Probably one of my best birthday's yet.
Birthdays are always the best time of year. I mean, how do you trump Thanksgiving or Christmas, right? you don't.. but birthdays are special because I get to experience the love of so many close friends and family members. Its a cool feeling to have. I spent the week packed full of breakfast, lunch and dinner dates with friends and family. I ate so much I truly think I gained 10 pounds. I look down at my belly and just rub it full of gratitude. I couldn't have been spoiled more and I don't feel I deserve it. Because i'm not currently working and will be in school full time for the next year, I told Travis not to buy me anything. I just really wanted something simple that I could tell he put some thought into. He has such a way with words and I love when he writes me letters. It brings me back to his mission days where my heart literally skipped a beat when I got a letter from him in the mail. He kept quiet the whole week and didn't really mention anything to me about what he was doing. I didn't think anything of it and was expecting a quiet evening at home with him watching a movie. 

He worked the day of my birthday, so I didn't see him until five in the evening. I spent the day with my sisters, taking a long run, stopping by Sweet Tooth Fairy to get my special (and free!) birthday treat, going to the temple with my sweet young women to do baptisms for the dead, and taking a nap. It was a grand day and I honestly just felt so awesome. Little did I know that the man I am married to was about to sweep me off of my feet. Travis and I have a very odd relationship. We act like children, talk in baby voices (I promised I would NEVER do that when I was married), call each other the most ridiculous nick names, often dance to Frank Sinatra in our living room, play hide-n-seek, and even set up our own homemade golfing and bowling courses around our little baby home. I truly love how immature we are, so the things he did for me on my birthday may seem weird to you.. but if you know Travis, you'll understand that he has a crazy sense of humor.. and I truly love that about him.

When he got home he set up a home theatre. Asked me to sit down and watch a movie that he made for me. Here it is:

(p.s. HBD stand for Happy Birthday)

He worked to his little hearts content making this movie. It made me laugh way hard. So here I was when I was done watching this movie wondering what in the heck we were about to do. He gave me my first clue that lead us to daybreak. Travis and I were really good friends before we started dating and one night at my house, we decided to put all of our life's goals on a piece of paper and roll it up into a bottle. We then threw that bottle off of the daybreak bridge. When we were in high school we were also dumb enough to jump off of this bridge. I smacked my butt when I hit the water and I remember not being able to sit down for days. Anyway, we had some fun memories there. We went to day break and the riddle lead me to a little "beach" I had to dig up underneath a certain rock and in a bottle lay my next clue. It took me to the West Jordan Park.

I have this obsession with tire swings. I just can't shake it. My foot is like pure dang magic and can get the swing to go so fast. As i'm getting older, It makes me SO nauseous.. but it was some good times when I was 18. Before Travis left on his mission he promised he would go on this dreaded tire swing. He has the weakest stomach, and me.. well I just thought it was hilarious to make people sick on this thing. He threw up. I felt horrible. I will never forget his sweet little voice saying, "wow, you truly are amazing at that. Good job. I must just be sick from the food we ate before." hahahaha. Oh man. Anyway, the next clue lead to this tire swing where we had to kick some little joker off of it, find the clue wedged in the swing to find my next clue. It lead to Bingham.

This memory will be kept for travis and I. quite embarrassing but so great at the same time. The clue was wedged next to a fire hydrant. That clue lead me back home. When we got home he had a massive letter for me to read. To make a long story short, he just let me know that the true happy birthday wish is for me to always find happiness. He lead me to some of the moments that meant so much to him (the throwing up on the tire swing? uh what?) and that the biggest thing he could ever wish upon anyone was to be happy. He said some of the greatest things anyone has ever said to me and I truly didn't want the night going any other way. I would so much rather relive those moments than get a gift that i'll forget about in a few months. To see what he did without spending any money was the sweetest thing. My tiny little grinch heart grew 10 times larger that day.


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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. Travis is the greatest! haha I wish Brandon was as clever. So cute you guys.