Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Dr. Pepper King

(Interviewing Jimmy Stewart)

My incredible Grandpa turns 80 years old today. I can't say enough about the life he has made for himself. Growing up, I remember him telling me about celebrities he interviewed and presidents he met. He was quite known in the media/news industry and had incredible stories to show for it. He was a KSL news anchor and the KUTV media director. He also worked for some really big names in the industry as a interviewer.  He has met every president since Roosevelt, and could name off celebrities you'd never dream of meeting. Every time I go to visit him, he tells me a new story. Ones i've never heard before. Last week, I went to go visit him and he asked me if I was ready to hear another story. I sat anxiously as he pulled a Dr. Pepper from the fridge and sat beside me. 

"It was one of those nights, you know, exhausted from the interviewing, going to parties and I was ready to relax with some of my friends. My friend had to stop by a nearby hotel to drop something off to his friend, so I didn't oppose and I waited in the lobby patiently. My friend walked up to me and asked, 'Do you want to meet my friend, Gene? He is coming down for a quick minute and I think you'd really like to see him.' so I got up from where I was sitting and walked over by the elevators to meet someone he kept calling 'pres.' The elevators opened up and there he was, Elvis, casually dressed and extremely polite."

There is more to that story, but I recorded it and just wanted to share a snippet. He has met some incredibly powerful people and still remains friends with some of them to this day. I always wanted to be an actress growing up and he would always tell me, "oh its just one call away and I can see what auditions I can set you up for." haha he always encouraged me to follow my dreams no matter what anyone else thought. He would always ask me when he would see me on the big screen someday. Although it inspired me when I was little, I blush when he asks me that now. He is my biggest fan and is always encouraging me to take the road less traveled. 

"Don't you ever let anyone tell you that you are anything less than the best"
"If you hate what you are doing, then find something that makes you incredibly happy. No matter if it means leaving everything else behind."

I love him more than words can describe. His scratchy beard that grazes my face every time he kisses me on the cheek. His addiction to Dr. Pepper. His love for the world and the good that is in it. His determination to find worlds greatest treasures and live his life to the fullest. In 80 short years he has lived his life like many with they could have. I'm starting to read the book he wrote and i'm continually gaining respect for him each and every sentence I read. I'm grateful for the recordings I have from my sweet grandpa. Even the sweet messages I wrote in my journal from the advice he gave me when I felt like my whole world was crashing down on me. 

I love you Grandpa. Happy 80th! you Rockstar, you!

(Some pictures from his party this evening.)

^^Baby Nephew coming this fall!!! YAY!^^

^^What did I tell you about his love for Dr. Pepper??^^
^^Always eating with his hands. I guess thats where I got it from^^

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