Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morning Light

I was out for a morning run today and felt inspired by this mornings light. I could chase the sun all day, but there is something about that morning sun seeping through the from the overnight darkness. A few days a week I get to witness the sun rising above the mountains. There is this spot that I've claimed as my own that overlooks the valley giving me a prime spot for watching the sun rise. I'm only there for a few short minutes until I have to get back on my feet and run home. I know this sounds weird, but it is a total place of solitude for me and I crave to be there every morning. Its one of the main things that get me up in the morning. That feeling of seeing another day start and committing to myself that today will be better than yesterday, is a feeling I really love to have. 

So today, be better than yesterday. Maybe even get up in the morning to witness the sun rising. There is something really great about it.

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