Sunday, June 8, 2014

Three Years Later...

Travis and I are three months away from our 3rd anniversary. I was going through my external hard drive organizing my pictures, and realized i've never blogged about any of my wedding pictures. I remember telling my photographer where we wanted to take my photos. She warned me to bring bug spray, because if I didn't I would be eaten alive. We showed up a saturday evening in Lehi to take these pictures (at a campground!) and guess what? We forgot bug spray. After 2 1/2 hours of taking pictures, I thought I would never stop itching my body ever again. I wrote about it in my journal and had to look back to the number of mosquito bites I had. 57. 57 freaking mosquito bites. I still remember getting menthol and rubbing it all over my arms and laying in bed crying. It was awful. The worst part about it, I forgot to take out my bobby pins in my hair for the pictures. Oh well. Kate Peterson did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier about all the pictures she captured. I could honestly re-live all of these moments, no matter how many mosquito bites I got. It was the moment I was starting my life with my love and I couldn't be happier. Enjoy these three year old pics!! :)


  1. These are darling :) More importantly, so is the length of your hair! You better be cutting it tomorrow, I love it! ;)

  2. 57?!? That's insane and terrible. You cannot tell in the pictures that you were getting eaten alive, though! Beautiful pictures.