Sunday, November 10, 2013

A New York Minute

I flew to New York this past week to be with my sister and dad. I wasn't planning on this trip until we all agreed that it would be best to go with my sister to help her travel with her little babe. He is such a sweet boy, but the thought of having any trouble at all and being alone made us all nervous. My sister was brave enough to travel to New York alone, even though she had an extremely hard time with Luke on the red eye flight. I had never experienced a red eye flight before in my life. Can I please express how awful it was?? I mean, you think it'd be a piece of cake! put on your eye mask, ear plugs and fall asleep against the window (if you are lucky enough to get that seat). No. It stunk for me and poor Kylee was flying from Denver from seeing a friend and had to do that flight with Luke alone. Lets just say when we met up in New York, she came off of the flight in tears with a crying naked baby and pee on the front of her shirt. Too graphic? well honestly, I couldn't have felt worse for her. However, she survived. Thinking of the flight in a week going home was something we didn't even want to fathom. 

Thankfully we had each other for the whole week. We kind of all took turns not  feeling well. Luke had a cold and a pretty bad cough. I hated seeing him sick, I can't imagine how his mamma felt! Needless to say, I think we were both pretty exhausted at the end of the week. Now I'm sitting here, sick, blogging. I'm just hoping with my honey lemon water, soup and jello will stop my sickness from progressing. Anyway! besides the sick bug going around, we did have fun. Many lazy days watching plenty of Luke's favorite- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The theme song to that show will forever be stuck in my head and I can't shake it no matter what I do! We started everyday off with a delicious green smoothie, taking turns watching Luke so we can take morning naps, and packing our belongings to either go into the city or go to the local mall. Since going into the City is expensive, we opted for a day at the mall. Well that day turned into boredom, that lead to annoying each other, that lead to endless eating, and an unhappy baby. Ugh, never will I wander around a mall again for 5 hours. 

Making our way into the city was a daunting task, but once we got there it was incredible. It isn't Kylee's favorite to walk miles and miles in the city, but she trooped through as I was wanting to go place after place. Mostly just central park to take pictures of the fall leaves, but she was still great. We got to meet up with one of Kylee's highschool friends that moved to Manhattan a couple of years ago, he walked us miles around the city and took us to some great places to eat and treat. We saw plenty of parks, smelled many things I never want my nostrils to meet again, and ate the best of pizza. We even got to go out to Long Island Beach, which was incredible to see since Hurricane Sandy. I loved being with Kylee and her little one. I am so thankful to have the ability to see my dad and this year, so often. It has been a VERY hard three years without him here, but i'm not going to dwell on that at all. He is an amazing father and I love every single ounce of him. I know he loves us kids and he sure showed Kylee and I that when we were there. SO, in the spirit of Thankgiving, I am so thankful for my life. For my family and the amazing adventures I get to experience. I'm so grateful.

Enjoy my many pictures!


  1. Cute post, Erin! Your pictures from the beach are great! Didn't you guys learn your lesson last time when we spent 8 hours in that mall and I left with a piercing because we got so bored? ;)

  2. I love your NY style, so chic and practical. You suit that hat so much!!! I'd love if you could check out my latest photoshoot. x

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I can't decide which is prettier - central park in the fall colors or the beach with that sky!

    Isn't it weird how wandering around in the mall for hours is the best thing even when you're in middle school, and never seems to hold the same thrill again?