Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Where do I start?
No only the best love-note-giver-ever, but he puts the biggest smile on my face every single day. Yesterday I was having the hardest day. Many times I don't want to come off as a overly-dramatic wife, so I keep a lot of my venting sessions for the miles of pounding out the pavement. However, no matter how much I keep a poker face, Travis sure knows me well. I have been waking up in the middle of the night lately to drink water (all of the sudden, i'm SO thirsty ALL OF THE TIME) and so he knew I would see this when I got up. Um. This kid. Lord of the rings for every reference. I love it. Oh and he is making me be Frodo Baggins for Halloween while he is Gollum. He is just obsessed, but I'm okay he uses those references to make me cute notes. I wish I could post all of them, because he is truly creative how he incorporates the references. Ah, Travis. Always keeping me laughing.

Have any of you ever taken the "personality test?" where you get a certain color that is coded for your personality? Well Travis and I did it before we got married (part of a marriage book I was reading) and we died laughing at the results. Him= Complete red Me= Complete blue. Without getting into it too much, red is a complete dominant personality- Always has to be right, stubborn, confident, tons of attitude, impulsive and a complete know-it-all. A blue, complete people pleaser- "blue's like having their feathers ruffled" (whatever that means.), rescuer, needs love, self-concious, extremely emotional (go figure), approachable. It couldn't be more right. The best was at the end of the book, it told you the best color matches for relationships. Here is the title for the Blue and Red relationship: "Blood, Sweat and Tears." it reads: 
Great Loyalty: Red to task, Blue to relationships 
Red provides vision, Blue provides quality 
Both are dependable 
Both seek to control other 
Don’t readily accept and understand each other
Red thinks with head, Blue with heart

It also said that these relationships rarely last. Well let me tell you, Travis and I will make it last. Both of our personalities could not be more opposite from each other. It makes me laugh at how different we are, but I wouldn't want it any other way. We make it work. We teach each other our differences, and that whole patience thing?? man oh man do you have to have it. Nothing is harder than trying to pretend you are interested in a computer game that makes no sense to you. However, i'm grateful for the awful reality TV he's sat through or the six mile runs he's biked next to me on. This husband of mine has compromised so much for this cute little life we have together. I would have it any other way. You should all take the personality test with your spouse! it's hilarious to see the color relationship code to see if it matches who you really are. 

 OH and you'll get a bit of his personality thorough the video below. Some may think we are crazy, but let me tell you. Im crazy in love, maybe even tom-cruise-jumping-on-oprah's-couch, love. 

p.s. If you don't already know, Travis has SUCH girly handwriting. Don't worry, I didn't write this to myself ;)

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