Monday, September 16, 2013

Year Two

so, I totally realize that these pictures are ALL over the place. Well, as far as different places, different things, different themes.. but it all has to do with our amazing weekend. Travis and I decided when we got married we would take turns planning our anniversaries and I was in charge of this year. Too bad we don't have a money tree to be able to sweep him off his feet and swoon him to a foreign country, but alas.. I had to settle to making and doing it all on my own. We started the weekend off by going to Ruth Chris steak house. Please, if you can, GO. I swallowed all of the food in one bite (obviously joking). It was that good. Oh and don't get me started on the banana cream pie we got for free. AH! after eating our emotions (good ones :) ) away, we took a stroll down the avenues of Salt Lake. It was such a good walk. Even though we've been married for two short years, it only gets better from here. Sure, maybe more debt.. like a mortgage, children, school, but all of that is so exciting! We have major decisions in our life we are trying to make and something about sharing that with my best friend is so special. I the type of person that I am, I openly share everything (hence my blog), but its so fun for me to have "secrets" with my spouse, or decisions that are being made that only us know about. I mean! seriously! how much more of a life could I ask for? Anyways.. 

On our actual anniversary, which was monday, I cooked Travis some awesome salmon with veggies. We went to the park and celebrated after dinner with a bundt cake. We had seven of the real sized cakes for our wedding, so naturally, I needed to buy a mini one to reflect from our wedding day. Of course we sat there in the shade of the parks trees talking about our hopes and dreams... I LOVE this man. I couldn't help but grin the entire time he was talking to me. I love the relationship we have, I love how playful we are with each other. I truly am more myself with him than I ever have been with anyone my entire life.  I am so glad I have someone that makes me laugh out loud--dare I say that most hated term in my vocabulary, LOL-- everyday. He cares so much about my happiness and is always so encouraging about the choices I make in my life. Lastly, which I could go on forever, I am grateful how much he values my opinion. He never makes a decision without talking to me about it, not because he can't make a decision by himself, but he is so aware of my feelings and wants to make sure that we make decisions as a couple. That is so important to me and i'm grateful that he puts the lord and myself above all else. I am truly lucky and I know that no one else in this world could handle my crazy self as much as this man does. I can't wait to see what the future brings us.

Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. I'm obsessed with Ruth's Chris. So jealous you went there!

    Happy Anniversary!