Thursday, September 12, 2013

for the love of Luke

I seriously love the afterlight iphone app, it makes my pictures so colorful! these were taken off of my camera, uploaded to my phone, edited, then back to my computer.. so sorry if they are bad quality. I just couldn't help but upload our little play date with each other at the park. This little boy is such a handful, but a good handful. He would not crawl on the grass without ripping it out and trying to eat it. He continued to the bark that surrounds the playground and with many times of me saying "no, it's going to hurt your feet!" (I know he can't understand me..) but he went full force and didn't care at all! he made a really funny face at me like, "ouch, this doesn't feel good on my feet.. but it's okay i'm going to keep playing." it was adorable because he would start crying if I walked away. He was being SO loving. He wanted to be held and if I so dared to walk five feet away he would start screaming. Oh my gosh. I love that he loves me. I think more than anything, he thinks i'm his mom.. because I guess we both have really long dark hair? 
Anyway, you all know i'm addicted to this human being. I'm so thankful we all live so close, so that I can see him whenever I want.

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