Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Luke!

I'm sorry you guys. This post is full of pictures, but whats new? I mean, I tend to overdo it with the pictures on all my posts! 
This little man turned 1 yesterday. Not only is he adored by our entire family, but I have never looked up to my sister so much in my life for the mother she has become (and James a father-- they both are truly amazing). Kylee has been working her little tush off. Gosh, my poor future children, they are going to wonder why i'm not as cool as their aunt Kylee. My kids will get a slab of funfetti cake (they have no opinion in the matter, that's the kind they'll get) and a paparazzi feel of their momma taking a billion pictures at the family kitchen table. Maybe i'll just have kylee and courtney come do all the work. Speaking of courtney, she designed all of the food labels and invitations for this party (check out her blog here, she has awesome pictures of the party as well.)  Seriously, what is my talent in this family!? they are so amazing at everything they do. I'll just attend these parties and eat the food, okay? because that's what I do best anyway. I can't wait to show off the video I am making from the party, seeing Luke shove that cake in his face is even cuter than through pictures. Check back for that video soon, I still have to post all of my New York pictures! 

Mr. Luke, you honestly make my heart burst each time i'm around you. Oh, and when you leaned into me and puckered your little lips to give me a little kiss, I almost died. Happy birthday my little nephew, I can't wait for your #2!

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