Sunday, June 16, 2013

that one time we spent three days in 105 degree weather....

This past weekend I had the ability to go on a "Laurel High Adventure" with the young women group I am a leader for. This is an adventure our ward put together to have a get-a-way before some of the laurels leave for college.

Every single day i'm around these girls I feel so inadequate compared to them. They are so much smarter than I was at their age (which was only six years ago..) They impressed me so much on this trip with their knowledge, love, support and team work. I might have teared up a few times because of their examples and the love they have for every one around them.

We stayed up late, ate lots of junk food, hiked until we almost passed out, river rafted 14 miles down a river- which was my favorite because our river guide let us jump off the raft and swim for hours, went shopping, had awesome devotionals, and had many bonding experiences. Being with these girls is hilarious, I think I laugh more with them than anyone I know. Even though everyone, I mean everyone, thinks I am their age (even ward members, the bishop himself and the other leaders of the youth) it's been an incredible experience for me to be with them. I learn more and more every time i'm around them and i'm incredible blessed to have this awesome responsibility. 

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