Tuesday, June 11, 2013

as close as a journal entry can be..

You know those times in life when you see something beautiful, you take a deep breath, and just realize that life is too short for any of the stress you've been worrying about? one thing that drives Travis crazy is the fact that I worry too much and I contemplate decisions for weeks. No joke. You do not want to go shopping with this girl. I'll stand in the middle of a store for 40 minutes, figuring out if its worth my money, then I rethink the decision the whole way home. I also end up returning it. I just feel SO bad for spending money on myself now that i'm married to one of the most deserving people on this planet. I know what you are thinking, just buy him something then!.. no. Since we've been married, he has NEVER purchased anything for himself. I am not kidding. Nothing. Okay, maybe gas station sodas like four times a week.. but clothing, games, technology.. nope. He's been sportin the same phone for three years now. He is always just so happy with every.single.thing. he has. He never needs more.

It's really made me reflect the person I am in my life. I think too much, I regret too much, I am stressed too much, I get jealous too much.. Well folks, I read a book. That book gave me a challenge to not be critical towards anything anymore, yourself, things you do, decisions you make, people that are around you. you got it. I have had to start over five times. I am making an attempt though. I challenge you to go to "your place," whatever makes you happy and think. What can you improve on? Because I sure know that I am far from perfect (crap. I have to start over again). Reflecting on the recent high school graduates in my laurels class, I was thinking about high school and the person I was and who I am now. Not saying it was bad, but I know its so much better to look at live positively than negatively. I think I took too much time doing that, and worrying about what people thought. To anyone who comes across this post, just try. I'm rooting for you.

Thanks for reading my journal.



  1. Haha, I do remember you used to freak out about making decisions!

  2. I love this post.

  3. It's interesting to me to look back on the person I was in high school too, it's amazing how much I have grown in so many ways - maturity, confidence, etc. Not that I was a bad person back then, but it's nice to be able to see progress. I think that's why journal keeping is so great - it allows us to measure that progress!

    Jeff is also not one to ever buy anything for himself - makes me feel so materialistic sometimes. ;)