Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A picture for the Bride

I had the privilege of taking one of my good friends bridals this past weekend. She asked me three times before I finally said yes. I am not a professional, nor will I ever. I was scared out of my mind to do them, I honestly think I couldn't eat the whole day because I was so nervous to take them. Since I grew up, my mom always had the camera in our face and its developed me into someone who loves taking pictures as well. Because photographs have always been so important to me, that's why I was willing to spend as much as I did on my wedding photographer. However, when I told Chantel I didn't want to do her's because its the most important pictures she'll ever take, she said: "as long as you get a picture of my face, I could careless.." she is honestly so easy going and i'm glad that she was willing to let me sit and take 300 photos, yes, 300 of them so I could make sure I had ones that would at least turn out. Well, they were okay. She looks beautiful, but I was disappointed in how some of them turned out. Taking pictures is so frustrating. You see how beautiful it is through the lens and not being able to produce that is the worst feeling ever. It's okay. I'm doing my best friends pictures this summer too, so I hope that I can just learn and get better from here. I have to thank my incredible sister for letting me steal her camera (she has a canon, I have a nikon... I like the canon setting and they are easier to use..) and then for her coming along and making sure I don't mess up. I love her dearly!

Anyway, I've been consumed with these, school and work.. so much for this thing called summer!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. They look awesome!

  2. Erin, I think these look great! Good job!

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^That was me. Don't know how I posted under James's account!