Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forget me not.

Yeah. I did win an award today.
I get upset when I go to everyone's blogs and they haven't updated.

School started again, it's been nothing but hard work and remnants of smeared pencil all over my left hand. (why am I not right handed? shoot)
Lately Travis and I have just been busy working. I've made a New Years resolution that I will not be lazy. By not being lazy, I mean attempting to:
1. Craft
2. Cook/bake more for my hubby
3. dedicate myself to reading a book a month.

These have been easy so far and i'm loving it! I feel like my days are so productive and I go to sleep knowing I wasn't a chub little jelly bean watching re-runs of Seinfeld. (sometimes I kind of miss it.)

Alright I have a little affair going on, it's with the wood connection. A few weeks ago I was home for a week sick with strep. I begged Travis to go get me wood so I didn't feel so useless watching tv and drinking gallons of sprite. I was so excited to receive this little baby from heaven. It was so fun to make and I think turned out cute too.

Okay I don't understand why all of the sudden my writing is underlined? flip. This blogging stuff is so difficult for me.

I have been wanting a Tv stand with storage underneath for a while now. (the joys of being married and slowly collecting things over time..eeesh!) Travis surprised me from one from Ikea. Except for I woke up to pure hammerage slamming into the wood, but it's okay. I was so excited!

Every friday we have a date night, but coming up with fun ideas besides the usual dinner and a movie can be difficult. I was searching the internet one day and found this amazing blog.  it has the cutest/unique ideas to do with your husband or significant other. I decided on the easiest one considering I had t-1 hour before Travis walked in the door. It was Dollar date night. At the dollar store we were allowed to pick out items we had to wear while we ate off of the dollar menu. Sadly, we didn't get any stares at Mcdonalds! ha, used to it? who knows. Next was dollar movie. Puss in boots 3d? Ha I think yes.

We haven't seen Laur and D for a while so we decided we were due for a date night. Sundance film festival? um yes please. I just have one thing to say.

Why is it called PARK CITY when there is NO WHERE TO PARK?
beats me. A night full of food, careless drivers, snow, invisible celebs and deep convos. Love them and loved that night.

I really love being married so much. I might be a bit mushy, but I can't help it! Hopefully it won't be another five years before I blog again. Until then!

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