Wednesday, December 14, 2011

long lost blog

So many festivities, so little room to blog!
I apologize for being such a lame blogger, my finals have kicked my butt.
However, I might just be one step smarter to being a big bad accountant.
I just love fall/winter. I might just be a tad obsessed with being around family.
Every year I get my family to run the Thanksgiving turkey day 5k in Draper.
and by every year, I definitely mean the past two. I do say it in hopes that it will continue to be a family tradition if my family doesn't kill me.
My wonderful sister Kylee worked a twelve hour shift at the hospital and was able to get off two hours before the race. Knowing I'm a persistent patty and don't like to be let down, she showed up with diet coke in hand. Knowing that would be the only thing that could possibly get her through the next cold, half hour of running with thousands of runners pushing you out of their way. My mom, Travis (and sick sister Abbie who couldn't make it) also signed up to run. It ended up being so fun. Travis is such a trooper, the LAST thing he wants to do at seven in the morning is to get up and push his body to the extreme. Poor guy, getting me as his wife... such an early bird and he is NOT. :)
With December approaching, I was getting so anxious to see my dad. He was coming in from his home 2,334 miles away. Yes, I definitely know the milage. I miss him so much! he came in for a whopping three days. I might sound bitter, but it is because I'm selfish and wanted him to stay longer. Our weekend was filled with sibling excitement, food to fill our rumbling tummies, chocolate; courtesy of 1-800 flowers, games, movies and more movies. It's was so great his bright rosy cheeks in Utah.
Grandma and Grandpa Siebenhaar celebrated their 60th anniversary at the chuck of rama. It was delicious until I took a bite into a scalding piece of evil pizza. My dang mouth was falling apart for days. I love those guys, they are incredible and always have such interesting stories to tell. They have seen and been through so much. They are a great example of a successful marriage, love it!
Thankfully I was able to drag my handsome husband and studly brother to the festival of trees a few weeks ago. I was reminded by my mother in law how sad it can be because of all the memorial tress. It sure is a reminder to check your blessing and to be thankful for the health and life you have. MY favorite was the ginger bread houses. Of course, they had a Tangled themed house. Love it!
I can't wait for Christmas, I have two trees set up in my house. I just can't get over the christmas decorations. Tonight=gingerbread making. Adios!! :)

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