Sunday, June 11, 2017

12 months old!

Noah Wolfgang Siebenhaar
Turns 1 years old!

Our sweet Noah turned 1 years old on June 5th. It is a bittersweet year because I will miss him being small, but I am also anxious on moving past an exhausting year that was spent mostly in a doctor's office and 5 hospital visits. Since he was born, he has had 2 surgeries under anesthesia, 36 hospital/doctor's visits, 4 medications, 4 countries visited, 8 airplane rides, and 8 teeth teeth! depending on how you look at it, it seems like we've had 1 accomplished year, eh? he has transformed into such a happy baby who always smiles and laughs. He is such a joy to be around. I often find myself emotional; not emotional because he is getting bigger, but because I truly have experienced a different kind of love and joy i've never had in my life (different than love from your partner). Despite the hard year, we had many up's and happy moments and to me, that trumps all. So thankfully for this little boy. A little about our Noah at 12 months old:

-he has found his tongue and crawls around with it out all day every day
-he loves being praised. We have a little toy where you put the square into a square hole and when he successfully takes it out and puts it in, he crawls as fast as he can to us to give hugs. He knows when he's accomplished something and wants a hug for it
-he can point and will point at things he wants -- milk, crackers, etc.
-he can sign "more," and when i'm feeding him it really helps me understand if he is done or not
-he is obsessed with baby signing time. Its a movie (you can get off of amazon) and it teaches infants to sign. I love it because it's not over stimulating and he loves starting at all the babies that can sign. I highly recommend, although all of the songs will be stuck in your head daily.
-he can stand on his own and walks along the couches extremely fast. He will be walking in no time.
-he loves to make noises with his mouth. I can't describe it, but a new noise is coming out of his mouth all of the time.
-he loves to be held and it can be quite exhausting.
-he loves to eat, but particularly doesn't like eggs.
-he loves his bath time
-he loves to be tackled by dad
-he LOVES reading and will stop doing anything if i'm holding a book. He mostly loves to flip the pages.
-he loves opening and closing things. I'm frantically running around the basement after him trying to baby proof things I never knew he would be able to get into.
-He loves to give kisses and will kiss his little nieces on the forehead.
-he hates shoes and anything to do with them.
-he hates being dressed and will throw a fit when i'm trying to put his clothes on.
-he loves when I brush his teeth. He mostly likes to chew on the rubber toothbrush.
-he is starting to not be a fan of his carseat.
-he loves to dance and bump his bum in the air.
-he loves his toys and will play independently for an hour without needing me - really helps when i'm working from home.
-loves going running with mom and will gasp constantly when he sees cars passing by.

12 month visit: Weight 22.3 (41%), Height 29.75 (50%), Head 18.25 (50%)

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