Sunday, June 11, 2017

Europe 2017





We had such a blast going to Europe for just shy of a month. We traveled and ate our hearts out. We went with Travis' family, so with 7 of us, it sometimes was hard catering to everyone, but we saw some incredible things. Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part was and I honestly have tried to pin point the most enjoyable part of the trip for me and I can't. I loved it all. I think because I have traveled so much already in my life and have lived in foreign countries, I was used to the face pace day-to-day of traveling, where I do think it exhausted most of the others in our family. I just love culture so much and soaked in every second we were there. Traveling with an infant was less than perfect, but it was so worth it. I always heard to travel as much as you can before you have kids, but I strongly disagree with that statement. All of the countries we went to were so catering to us and the people just went nuts over Noah since he was blonde and blue eyed. It was such a fun experience to see things you've learned about your whole life (or seen in movies -- hello Sound of Music!). I can't say enough about Austria's gardens/landscaping, Germany's architecture, Switzerland's beyond gorgeous scenery/waterfalls/alps, and Italy's history and food! I am putting together a movie from our trip and am excited to post it here once i'm finished, it'll give a cooler perspective of everything we saw. I wish I could sit and write every ounce of information I retrieved from this trip, but I would be writing for ages. I fear that if I don't write it down somewhere, i'll forget and i'm sure that's what will happen. I think that's why I love video and pictures so much because it really helps me relive the moments after time has passed. I have friends that went to Europe before us and left a little treasure hunt to find euro's at a castle that they hid -- it was so fun! just for the sake of my memory, i'm going to list where we went. If you ever go to any of these places, I will die of envy. I can't recommend enough to just go and do it if you can. Don't let kids hold you back. I mean, maybe your job will, but that can always be arranged too :) I saved vacation for 2 years and I was DYING when we went because I needed a break so badly:

Salzburg, Austria
Munich, Germany
Rhotenberg, Germany
Bavaria, Germany
Lucerne, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
Lavertezzo, Switzerland (a MUST go)
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

I have so many fond memories of everything we did and I already miss it so much. I also miss eating gelato every single day 3x a day, but my body doesn't miss it :). We stayed in airbnb's the whole time and it was nothing short of a great experience (except for one in Italy, but i'm trying to forget it). I hope that when I have more time, i'll come back and edit more about what we did, but again, probably not. I've already spent like 2+ hours going through pics and doing this post, so i'm going to go snuggle my baby now. Hope you enjoy!

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