Wednesday, March 23, 2016

life lately according to my iphone

I haven't done a "life lately" post, because to be honesty, not much has been going on! It is a rare occasion I use my real camera to take pictures instead of my iphone! so, alas, here are the only photos that have been on my phone in the past couple of months.
1. I was looking through my wedding photos and happened to come across a close up of my bouquet that was filled with succulents. I crave plants and one day I will have them all over my home, but while we are in a dark basement apartment that doesn't get much light, I can't exactly fulfill that desire. We went to home depot to get some paint for the changing table we are building, and saw these beautiful little succulents for $3!! I couldn't resist. I bought some clay pots, spray painted them gold, and filled them with these little beauties. I place them upstairs in the sun every morning. I don't want them to die!
2. can we talk about face swap right now?? I did it with my nephew and it is straight up a face swap out of your nightmares. I had to document it for memory sake. 
3. My sisters and I decided to face swap to prove all of the naysayers to claim we all look exactly alike. We couldn't stop laughing because we could never tell if our faces had swapped or not. Then when Courtney and Kylee were doing it, it left Kylee's jaw open like a terrifying monster and only swapped their mouths. Needless to say our stomachs got a pretty good workout that night. The above picture is Kylee and myself. who's face is who's?? (it kept our chins.. haha)
4.  I probably should address the 3 selfies in this collage. Its what we do when I don't want to take a legit picture of us.. I need a selfie stick or something.
5. Michael and Josh's wedding!! such a great day to celebrate the two grooms who I love so much. Josh compliments Michael in every way possible and vise versa.

6. (please skip the other selfies! :)) more wedding shenanigans. It was great to see my good friends. It is fun to see all of their babies (I'm seriously obsessed with all of them! my friends make such good looking babies!), and ones that are currently pregnant at the same time as me too. Good times.

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  1. Hahahah faceswap is the best/worst. It's especially terrifying to do it with a child (mine with Annika are horrifying.)