Friday, April 17, 2015


1. Because baby Harrison is the biggest snuggle bug I know.
2. brunching moments during spring break.
3. Little brothers first prom with his girlfriend. He and his friends all rented long tuxes, but they looked more like butlers to me. Hilarious boys.
4. Sister time.
5. Both of the U pictures of me and my bestie at school. On Wednesdays we are together from 7:30am-9:00pm, so we venture out on campus even when its snowing in the middle of April. We loved it. 
6. my before and after cutting my hair!! I have to be honest. I regretted it the second I cut it and still do, but ya know.. i'm just hoping it'll grow back fast. :)

In two short weeks I'll be graduating! I seriously am bummed that after the excitement of graduation, I still have to finish out two months of school. I have mentally checked out and its going to be hard to endure summer, but who cares! i'm stoked to be moving on with my life. Hope you enjoy the always entertaining iphone dumpage.

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